Shipping Container Hotels

Travelers need a place to rest their head for the night. Whether they want to unwind at a cozy little bed-and-breakfast, find a cost-effective and convenient motel to rest up for the next leg of their journey, or create long-lasting memories of luxury in a fancy hotel, people have a variety of options to choose from! While many hotels provide a simple experience, shipping container hotels present an opportunity to build upon a theme and offer guests a unique adventure predicated on the architecture itself! When the general vibe of a highway motel sounds sketchy and the allure of staying in someone else’s house seems mildly unsettling, they can try something new by looking into a hotel made out of shipping containers! Shipping container architecture is a rapidly growing trend that works for retail, food service, and recreational areas, and now the hospitality industry is making a big splash!

IPME is here to help you produce and manufacture a shipping container hotel design that will have guests flocking to spend an evening in one of your rooms! Whether you’re looking to design a small and simple shipping container motor lodge with a rustic feel, or an elegant and unique shipping container boutique hotel with luxury rooms and fine dining options, we can help you put your ideas into practice.

Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar hotels, shipping container hotels offer something new and exciting that guests can’t experience otherwise. They’re modern, attractive, popular, and offer one-of-akind architecture options that you won’t see in traditional hospitality settings. Getting a shipping container hotel from IPME means that you can customize and brand your new business in a way that will make it stand out from the crowd! When you want to launch your new business and leave your distinct mark in the hospitality business, come to IPME, where we can create something that you and your future guests are sure to remember!