Blue apron container

Mobile Marketing Spotlight

As we find new, safe ways to gather in addition to promoting our products, taking the show on the road is a great way to meet with customers with live, face to face interactions.  Mobile tours, pop-up events, outdoor experiences are feasible and simple to manage.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will share a short story about recent projects that we produced, proving that taking the show outdoors is an easy solution until we can get back into a convention center.

Blue Apron container

Blue apron container

Our spotlight this week is on Blue Apron, a meal kit service that wanted to create a space for their guests to experience their process of how Blue Apron gets the food to their customer.

This project included a 40’ drop down wall container, modified into 4 spaces.  The interior included 3 divider walls, graphics, custom product shelving, lights, and custom flooring. Exterior was painted custom colors and Blue Apron logo.

This was a rental project for 1 month, that activated in 3 cities, Venice, CA, San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA.  They were able to sign up new customers on the spot and meet with existing customers that shared their experience and receive feedback on their service.

Designing your space using customized IPME containers will allow customers to meet in a safe area with controlled social distancing. Summer is here, time to get outdoors! Customized shipping containers are a secure and easy option for outdoor activations. Let’s get the show on the road!!

Blue apron container