Shipping Containers: A Popular Alternative to the Food Truck

Shipping Containers: A Popular Alternative to the Food Truck

Cool and convenient—it’s no wonder why food trucks are all the rage. But the food truck isn’t the only food-serving receptacle that’s made a name for itself lately. As you walk through the streets of more populated areas, you might notice something different: there are a lot of shipping container cafes and restaurants cropping up. Wondering what makes shipping containers a popular alternative to the food truck? Here are a few of the reasons behind this new and unusual craze.

A Permanent Home

It’s nice to be able to move around as needed, but is mobility always a perk? It’s a hassle to pack up and move your business multiple times a day. Plus, moving around means your client base is often unreliable. You might be popular in one area but not in the next. And don’t forget to factor in gas and maintenance costs! By setting up a shipping container and putting down your roots, you won’t have to deal with the stress of constantly moving around, and your loyal customers can find you easily and reliably.

More Bang for Your Buck

Another reason shipping containers are a popular alternative to the food truck is because they give you more bang for your buck. On average, a food truck will set you back anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000, depending on size and customizability. For this price, you get a tiny, cramped kitchen and around 80 square feet of floor space. You can get a shipping container with more than twice the room for the same price—or less!

Lots of Space

Shipping containers give you more room than trucks, plain and simple. With a shipping container, you can have a bigger, more easily navigable kitchen, an indoor dining area, and an outdoor dining area on a built-in deck. Not only does this give your staff more room to breathe and work, but it also gives you room for more customers so you can really rake in the dough.


With food trucks, you can customize the exterior and potentially a small portion of the interior. With shipping containers, you can customize everything from the size to the color, branding, and layout. You have full control over how your container looks and functions and can create something that truly stands out.

Want to give your food truck business a more permanent home? At IPME, we have turnkey pop-up containers that you can customize to fit your needs and rep your brand. Call us today to discuss creating a shipping container cafe or restaurant so you and your business can settle down.