shipping container cafe

Starting Your Very Own Shipping Container Cafe

Shipping containers are obviously great for transporting goods all over the world, but they have so many more uses. Though the primary ways that containers are utilized involve the shipment and storage of various items, there are some pretty creative uses, as well.

It’s not like there is a shortage of containers around the globe, either. In fact, since only 6 million containers are currently in use, there are about 11 million unused shipping containers around the world that could be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Containers can be used as offices, pop up shops, art galleries, food prep, and so much more. One of the most creative and cool ways of utilizing these durable and large containers is opening up your very own shipping container cafe.

The shipping container store trend is thought to have been started by Starbucks in 2011, when they opened a 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington. Though you probably won’t be able to compete with Starbucks or any other coffee chain, you can certainly open up your very own shipping container cafe and start earning a secondary source of income.

Whether you have the financial backing to purchase multiple large containers and hire plenty of employees, or you simply want to pour a few cups of coffee each day and sell to locals on their way to work, you should be able to find a container (or containers) that is perfect for your needs.

Thanks to the ability to purchase customized shipping containers, you can find a container that fits perfect for your needs. Plus, not only can you buy custom shipping containers, you can have professionals perform shipping container modifications to accommodate for any additional alterations or changes you need.

Whenever someone is starting any kind of business, it’s imperative that you do plenty of research early on and never rush into it. Not only are you going to need a space to actually do your business, but you’ll need financing, business plans, dozens of products, tools, and equipment, and a general sense of hour to pour a good cup of coffee.

So you’re not exactly there yet, but as long as you’re serious about opening up a new cafe and are ready to work hard and serve customers coffee with a smile, you’re definitely taking a step in the right direction.

If you’re ready to start your very own shipping container cafe and want to learn more about purchasing quality containers, give IPME a call right away!