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3 Alternative Uses for a Shipping Container

As cities grow, becoming more densely populated, space becomes more and more difficult to come to find. It also becomes more expensive. As a result, many businesses are looking for alternative spaces to operate out of, like shipping containers. Modified shipping containers can accommodate any number of businesses, so long as they don’t need tons of space. Here are just a few possible ways you can use a customized shipping container.

Independent Art Studio

One of the most popular ways to use a custom shipping container is as an art studio. This is largely because you don’t need tons of space for an amazing art studio. You need a space to work and a space to display your work. A shipping container studio offers more than enough space for these two functions. This type of space also allows for numerous customizations and a modern industrial aesthetic that has become incredibly popular. This means that your space can contain everything that you need without sacrificing character or charm.

Local Bar

Customers love to find a bar that stands out to them as a unique space where they can comfortably enjoy a drink. For some people, this is the classic sports bar. For others, it may be a converted home, a night club, or any other space imaginable. That includes a shipping container. In fact, whether it is a pop up container bar or a more permanent container bar, these establishments have become popular for their unique setting and trendy atmosphere. The mobility offered by a modified shipping container is also key for many bar owners, as they can pop-up wherever business is going to be best on a given night.

Small Restaurant

Shipping containers converted to become restaurants are also growing in popularity. This tends to be a little bit more involved than converting into a bar, but for many business owners, the end goal of a shipping container restaurant is worth it. This is because it helps a restaurant stand out from the crowd, drawing in business. It is also versatile as a restaurant. You can have your shipping container studio act as a walk-up stand, sit down restaurant, or even a shipping container cafe. Add in the fact that it’s more cost-effective to open than a traditional restaurant and it’s a no-brainer.

There is a market value of $50 billion in the United States for pop up shops, largely due to their mobility, uniqueness, and quality. A shipping container studio is a perfect way to be a part of this growing market for several reasons, not limited to being easier and more cost-effective than opening a brick and mortar location. Part of the greatness behind shipping container studios is that they are more easily moved from place to place than traditional pop up establishments.