customized shipping container

3 Ways That Customized Shipping Containers can Boost Customer Experience

Customized shipping containers converted into a new experience like pop up shops or a shipping container studio for art are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to a number of factors. For one, customized shipping containers are much cheaper than a traditional restaurant to both own and operate. Secondly, a customized shipping container can be entirely customizable to fit your businesses’ needs. This makes custom shipping containers incredibly versatile. Add in a unique atmosphere and design, and customers love to come to customized shipping containers.

Restaurants and bars constitute a large percentage of modified shipping containers. That’s because they offer customers an amazing experience that is hard to find anywhere else. They’re memorable, and keep people coming back. Why are customized shipping containers so effective at boosting the customer experience? Why isn’t the experience replicable in another setting? Here are just a few reasons why:

Low Cost Means You Can Provide Multiple Experiences

A customized shipping container costs significantly less than one permanent location. This means that it is possible to have multiple containers available in one are, which give customers multiple different options. Maybe one shipping crate restaurant is its own bar, while the next offers BBQ. Maybe there is a margarite shipping container next to a taco shipping container. It’s becoming increasingly popular to create customized shipping container parks, too. That’s where multiple modified shipping containers line a park with ample seating and entertainment like live music. This gives the entire family the opportunity to enjoy whatever food they may want to eat while also finding excellent entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy. By providing an experience that everyone can get something from, you in turn widen your customer base and potential revenue.

Customers Get a Food Truck Experience

Food trucks offer an exciting and modern dining experience. They’re marked by offering excellent and unique foods, without the pretense of the classic dining experience. In other words, surprisingly good food without the pretension of fine dining. This tends to diverge from what most people classically think of food trucks, which tends to sway towards the less refined. Luckily, customized shipping containers actually give customers that same, increasingly popular, style of food. From tostadas to lobster rolls, almost anything can be sold out of a modified shipping container and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the quality is continuing to rise for consumers. By getting that same food truck experience from a shipping container, customers are able to get high-end food without dealing with reservations and white tablecloths.

Flexibility in Your Location

By their nature, shipping containers are portable, which means if one location isn’t effectively drumming up business, then you can try another. Furthermore, you can go right to where the business will be best for your modified shipping container. For instance, in the summertime, you can position yourself near a beach or boardwalk but adjust to be near festivals and fairs when need be. This helps you to always make as much as possible at any given time. Again, this is similar to a food truck, but with a more unique atmosphere that food trucks generally can’t keep up with. Whether your modified shipping containers are blending into the city, or juxtaposed with nature, they make you stand out and will help keep your restaurant successful, while providing customers with the best possible experience available to them.

Shipping containers aren’t some fringe choice for your restaurant to be built out of, rather they’re surprisingly common. Even major brands, like Taco Bell, are getting into the action. Taco Bell opened their own customized shipping container location in 2015, with a 1,080-foot pop up store. By 2017, Taco Bell had opened a permanent shipping container store. Clearly, there’s excitement around customized shipping containers for restaurants, and with good reason, because they offer a great customer experience that helps your restaurant thrive.