Pop-up container bar

4 Benefits Of Using Pop Up Containers For Your Restaurant

Shipping containers have become a major trend in recent years, but not just in real estate. Since Starbucks opened their pop up business in Washington in 2011, pop up restaurants have been making their way across the states in convenient, compact spaces.

But why are restaurants increasingly turning to shipping containers? Consider the following four benefits of using a shipping container for your own restaurant to get a better idea of what makes these shipping container modifications so successful.

  1. You can forego a renovation to expand your business. Renovations can be expensive, especially when you’re making an addition to your business such as a bar. Instead of going through a long list of contractors in your area, closing down your restaurant, and waiting to re-open, you can invest in a pop up container bar instead.
  2. Shipping containers urge consumer action. Shipping containers are compact, which makes them great for fast and efficient service. The feeling of a large restaurant can make a customer feel like they need to spend an hour or more there and that they can only visit that restaurant on certain occasions. But when your restaurant is in a small space, your customers will be more likely to stop by, grab food or a drink, and leave or hang around. They feel more independent, which urges consumer action and increases sales.
  3. Shipping containers are more affordable. One of the major reasons why pop up businesses have been popping up is because shipping containers are relatively cheaper than other options. Startups are usually paid for out of pocket by the business owner before they find investors and so budgeting for a restaurant space is crucial.
  4. Shipping container modifications boost your brand awareness. Brand awareness is vital when it comes to the success of your business, especially when you’re a startup restaurant still trying to get off the ground. Shipping containers have a novelty aesthetic to them that makes them look and feel unique. When customers visit your restaurant, your business won’t be just another one-stop-shop to them. They’ll remember you and spread the word.

Looking for custom shipping containers for your restaurant?

If you’re considering taking advantage of shipping container modifications to create a shipping crate restaurant for your business, you’re not alone. In fact, pop up shops are so popular right now they’re getting more attention from small businesses and have a current U.S. market value of $50 billion.

IPME offers a variety of shipping container modifications and custom shipping containers so you can make the most of your pop up business. To learn more about our customized shipping containers and how to use them for your restaurant, contact IPME today.