4 Ways Pop Up Containers Can Change The Way Business Is Done

As business continues to evolve, shipping containers and pop up containers are being used in a variety of ways, from building eco-friendly homes to building pop up offices.

Not only are shipping containers durable — the average steel shipping container lasts 25 years with minimal maintenance — but they’re incredibly versatile. As such, pop up containers can be useful tools when it comes to marketing a business in a unique way. Check out these four ways pop up containers can change the way business is done.

Mobile Bars

Pop up containers can get a new bar or restaurant out in front of customers a lot faster than a traditional business can. These containers can help a new business reach its goals and also comes with minimal financial risk.

Imagine that you’re looking to open a bar or mobile restaurant near a busy downtown hangout like a sports arena. You can easily set up pop up containers with full refrigeration systems and an extended bar area for seating. On game days, you’ll be able to sell food and beverages near the arena, offering fans a truly unique experience.


Pop up containers can also be used to help promote a brand by creating a mobile showroom. Since you can be flexible with the design configuration, you can have ramps installed for easy entry and exit. You can also equip it with sound equipment, TVs, and just about anything else you need to show off your brand and products.

Many car companies have used mobile showrooms to show off different cars and car features as well as set up driving tests and interactive shows. Depending on what your brand or product is, you can set up mobile containers in the same fashion, using the space to fully showcase what you can offer customers.

Retail Spaces

If there’s one thing consumers like, it’s things that are new and unique. This is very true of retail spaces. If you’re establishing a retail brand, you can use pop up containers to create a unique shopping experience. You’d be setting up a space that encourages spontaneous spending and a sense of urgency. By offering unique products in a unique space, your business can create buzz around town and stand out from the crowd.

Mobile Salons

Believe it or not, you can also use custom shipping containers to create mobile salons. By doing so, you can bring your products to life and really offer customers a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else. This is also a great way for customers to test your products. Many companies have created mobile salons to test out new products and to offer customers a great view while they get their hair washed and blowdried.

These are just a few of the ways that customized shipping containers can be used to promote and grow a company’s brand. The shipping container store trend is thought to have been pioneered by Starbucks in 2011. Your company might not be as big as Starbucks to start off, but shipping containers can help you get your company’s name and products out there. With enough containers, a little know-how, and some unique ideas, companies can offer customers something new and original to make their business the place to be.