shipping container studio

5 Benefits of a Shipping Container Studio

As an artist, you may need a customized space that stimulates your creative juices and motivates you to dig into your work with extra zeal. The good thing is, you don’t have to rent extra studio space that will cost you more, as you can utilize a shipping container studio. You’ll enjoy the following benefits from a shipping container studio.

1. Customize Your Work Space

Whatever gets you going, customized shipping containers will fit the bill. You can modify a shipping container to make a shipping container studio that ticks all the boxes. Since you have total control over the modification process, you can customize a used shipping container, and create studio space that is tailored to your liking. Shipping container modifications are versatile and give room for creative and innovative designs. You can install rolling doors and windows, skylights, and insulation to fit your preference. As an artist, you know the ideal conditions that motivate and inspire you to do more. With a custom shipping container, you can create your ideal studio space with a personal touch that reflects your taste and preference as an artist.

2. Preferred Location

A shipping container studio is portable and can be installed in any location. This is a massive advantage to you as an artist because you can put up your shipping container studio in any location that you wish. This could be at your backyard, or in a holiday park or camp. As long as you have enough ground space to accommodate a container, you can put up a container studio in your desired location. Additionally, if you want to work on a temporary project far away from your main studio, you can easily relocate the container studio.

3. Well Suited For Art Exhibitions

Participating in art exhibitions is so much easier when you have a shipping container studio. The mobility of a shipping container studio will enable you to participate in many art exhibitions without much hassle. This way, you can display your artwork to a larger and more diverse audience.

4. Durable and Cost-Effective

Steel shipping containers are durable with an average service life of 25 years and require little maintenance. The cost of setting up a shipping container studio is far much fair, compared to building a brick and mortar studio. The best shipping container dealers will sell and modify a shipping container at a competitive rate. Therefore, you get a quality shipping container studio that will serve you for long, without paying through your nose.

5. Spacious Workspace

Typically, shipping containers come in two main sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. This is enough space to design a creative and spacious workspace. It gets better because you can expand your studio by adding extra shipping containers, as you grow your business. With a shipping container studio, you’ll have enough space to fit all your work equipment without eating into your workspace.

If you haven’t given shipping container studios much thought before, you may now give them a shot considering the many benefits as outlined above. A shipping container studio will give you a customized workspace that is tailor-made to your preference. To get the best custom shipping containers, trust the top shipping container dealers in your area.