5 Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers

Custom shipping container studios are quickly becoming a popular option for homebuilders looking to combine a modern style with eco-friendly construction. Overall, each shipping container that is recycled and repurposed, over 3,500 kilograms of steel is reused. This saves homebuilders from needing to use new steel or wood and instead provides them with a strong foundation upon which they can customize their home to be exactly what they need.


Whether you’re building a studio apartment, a backyard studio, or even a full-scale home, here are some advantages that make customized shipping containers something to seriously consider.


1. Affordability


While the cost will depend on the scale and exact customizations, often times custom shipping container construction is more affordable than other traditional types. If you work with the strengths that shipping containers can bring and don’t try to work against them, you can create a studio or home that is incredibly affordable, stylish, and modern.


2. Sustainability


By recycling shipping containers, you can give a second life to tons of steel that would otherwise go to waste. Custom shipping containers allow you to feel good about the materials you’re using for the construction of your home, without sacrificing the modern style you want. Additionally, custom shipping containers can also be retrofitted inside with additional measures like LED lights and energy-saving appliances that help make your studio even more eco-friendly.


3. Strength


Because they are made from steel originally intended for storage and transport, shipping containers are strong and built to last. Their ability to stand up against wear and tear, as well as their ability to withstand heavy loads, makes them a building material that will last for decades with only minimal maintenance and upkeep.


4. A Unique Style


While they can be used to create modern homes and studios, their style is unique and custom shipping containers can be created to further increase their uniqueness. On the surface, all shipping containers may look the same, but when modified and combined by professional contractors, you have the ability to create something truly special.


5. Flexibility


Custom shipping containers are inherently flexible due in large part to their original purpose of being moved across great distances, this extends to how they can be moved even after customization, and how they are often constructed off-site and moved to where they are needed for final assembly. This also makes them great options for homeowners looking to create a custom shipping container studio outside of their current homes. Because they aren’t constructed on-site, you don’t have to worry about noisy construction that could last for weeks while the structure is built.


Custom shipping containers can have many uses, and they are gaining popularity as a building material. From pop up stores and cafes to studio apartments and full-sized homes, shipping containers are something to consider if you are looking for a unique building material that is strong, customizable, and modern.