shipping container cafe

5 Unique Advantages of a Shipping Container Cafe

Shipping container cafes are one of the hottest trends in the hospitality industry today. From global brands such as Starbucks to the local small restaurant owner, shipping crate restaurants provide solutions to their increasing demand for retail space. Container cafes are no just trendy because they are the hottest thing today but also because of the many benefits a shipping container cafe bestows to a restaurant owner. Here are the unique advantages of a shipping container cafe.

Allows You to Follow Your Customers

Being where large crowds of people have gathered is great for your sales, and also a genius marketing move. While pop up container bars may have started this trend, container cafes followed suit. Because a shipping container cafe is portable and mobile, it is easy to move it and set it up where large crowds are gathered. This may be in a popular concert, campaign rallies, trade shows, and other events that attract big crowds. You will not only get to sell more but also increase your brand’s visibility.

Room For Customized Modifications

You can get a 40-foot, 45-foot, or 20-foot container and customize it to fit your preference and make your customers feel more comfortable. The good thing is that shipping container modifications are easy and fast. Therefore, you will have your shipping container cafe set up within a few days. Your container cafe will have all the utilities needed to make your customers feel more welcome. These include air conditioning, windows, and doors, insulation, plumbing, and electricity. Modified shipping containers allow you to be creative with different designs. You can really impress your customers with modern and futuristic modifications that will give your shipping container cafe the “cool” factor that appeals to the modern customers.


Today, many customers are eco-conscious and will be loyal to brands that share the same outlook. A shipping container cafe uses fewer materials in its construction, besides reusing shipping containers that would have otherwise gone to waste. According to Billie Box, there are about 17 million shipping containers worldwide, but only about six million of them are in active use. This means that there are about 10 million shipping containers that can be repurposed instead of eventually dumping them. Additionally, you can save on heating and cooling bills because you can design your container cafe to have more windows to supply enough fresh air in your cafe.

Utilize Limited Space Sparingly

Often, you will never have enough space in retail spaces with high traffic, yet most of your customers want you to bring your services closer to them. For instance, in some big malls, you may not find idle retail space at all, even if you’re willing to pay top dollar. A shipping container cafe may be the solution you need. It’s easier to talk with the management of a mall, hospital, or university and have them carve out some space on their premises if possible. The point is that your shipping container cafe will utilize less space, so it’s easier to install in tight spaces.

Shorter Installation Time

It is good that setting up a shipping container cafe is fast and quick because it will give you more time to serve your customers. In business, the faster you can get things done, the more money you will make. For instance, you may get word of an impromptu concert that only lasts for a week. Since you can set up your shipping container cafe within a day, you will have more time to capitalize on the large crowd. Transporting your container cafe to and fro the concert will also be easy and fast.

A shipping container cafe gives restaurateurs versatility and mobility. If there’s a way to take your services to your customers, then you must do it. With a container cafe, you are not limited to one place, as you can easily move it in multiple locations.