5 Ways You Can Use Shipping Containers at Big Events

5 Ways You Can Use Shipping Containers at Big Events

Plenty of large events last for a short period, like a weekend or so. Constantly setting up and dismantling booths and other structures is challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can use shipping containers at big events in many ways. Because container structures are easy to transport, you can move them from event to event and set them up much faster and easier than other structures.

Concession Booths

Almost any type of event needs concession booths. In fact, a ticket booth is one of the first structures attendees are likely to encounter. Aside from selling tickets, many booths will be spread throughout the event grounds to sell T-shirts, souvenirs, food, and beverages. No matter what you’re selling, a container booth is a great place to dispense these goods and services.

First-Aid Stations

You never want any accidents or injuries to occur at your event, but if they do, you’ll need a first-aid area. You can use a small booth to set up a couple of cots. Stock some first-aid kits and have a trained nurse or doctor on-site.

Equipment Storage

One of the best ways you can use shipping containers at big events is to store important gear, equipment, or supplies. Shipping containers are durable storage units that, with proper ventilation, can keep things safe and accessible.

Security Office

Having security or a similar force to keep things orderly is essential for any large event. Setting up a security office at your event provides guards with an air-conditioned place to take breaks, review security footage, and bring people in who aren’t following the rules of the event. Most security offices have desks, sofas, and a small area to confine people while they cool down or wait for the authorities.

Sleeping Quarters

Some events last for several days or take place in remote areas. Instead of expecting your staff to get hotel rooms, you can use a shipping container structure as sleeping quarters. Containers are great places to store bunk beds and storage trunks for people to keep their belongings. They may not always be the most comfortable accommodations, but they’re great for letting people stay on-site throughout the event.

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