modified shipping containers

Attract More Customers at Events with Custom-Made Shipping Container Structures

Back in 2015, Taco Bell famously debuted a pop-up store created from a 1,080 square foot shipping container and established a permanent store in California using a shipping container in 2017. Modified shipping containers are turning trade shows, festivals, fairs, and events into a mecca of branded and customized structures that are truly unique. They give businesses the ideal way to showcase their products and services while offering customers an attractive and comfortable way to interact with your business. There are many options available to any type of enterprise using modified shipping containers that can become a permanent structure or just be used as a pop-up. Shipping containers are the perfect structure that can be transitioned into an exceptional turnkey solution that will give customers a memorable experience. With the right shipping container modifications, you can have the perfect event structure created for your business in no time.

Would You Rather Own or Rent Trade Show Shipping Containers?

Are you not quite sure how well you would like using shipping containers that have been modified for an event or trade show? You have the ability to rent them before you purchase them if you desire. Renting gives you the ability to try different types of booth shipping containers to see how well they work before you settle on the type you would like to purchase. You’ll find out that modified shipping containers are exceptional when designed and engineered by top suppliers. Caring contractors will take the time to find out exactly what you want and create the customized shipping container you envision.

Use a Shipping Container Supplier with an In-House Production Studio

There are many different types of modified shipping containers in which to choose. Consider having a pop up container bar created, a mobile office, portable event marketing structures, or a shipping container café. Perhaps a shipping container studio would fit your business better. No matter what type of container modifications you want or need, using a container supplier with an in-house production studio gives you the added benefit of having the innovative modified shipping containers created that suit your budget, style, and requirements.

Talented Design Teams Are Ready to Make Your Visions a Reality

Eye-catching modified shipping containers don’t produce themselves. It takes a seriously talented engineering and design team that can offer a variety of services to create the customized containers you envision. There are many custom modifications that can be made that will fit your budget. Designs are created following a schedule used to ensure you get the modified containers you necessitate on time. Do you require specialty equipment too? Rent or purchase available equipment that can be used in tandem with containers to flawlessly create the best containers for your business.

No Matter What Type of Shipping Container You Want Top Suppliers Have Them

What type of marketing container are you looking for? If you are new to this type of genius design, you should discuss all of your options with experienced suppliers that offer, used, new, and refurbished containers. The experts will handle every part of the engineering and design process according to your exact specifications. They can customize and modify the steelwork, electrical, paint, finishes, and graphics so containers fit your level of expertise. Containers can also be outfit with elements such as bars, interactive audiovisuals, cooking equipment, point-of-sale elements, and furniture. The experts will also handle the transport and logistics for you. Don’t worry about set-up either. Experienced teams know how to set-up, breakdown, and can even staff containers for you.

There Is No Limit to Shipping Container Designs

Shipping containers are a great way to recycle containers and are being used for many projects so a business can keep their environmental footprint low. Such projects can include buildings being made from containers, malls, restaurants, office spaces, and schools. When you work with professional shipping container suppliers you will enjoy customized containers built for any purpose.