modified shipping container

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Marketing Booths and Pop-Up Shops

Shipping containers solve most problems related to long-distance shipping of goods. These metallic containers protect your products while in transit. They also ease your handling of shipments at seaports and inland ports.

But far from this traditional use, a modified shipping container can serve as a pop-up shop, a temporary storage unit, a tradeshow stand, or a festival or experiential marketing booth. This post presents to you the benefits of using modified shipping containers in these areas.

Here are the pros of using modified shipping containers to provide shelter in commercial ventures.

Commercial Shipping Container Housing Units are Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is a concern for any business venture that believes in the preservation of the pristine nature of natural environments. Even if environmental causes haven’t been a part of your company’s main ethos before, consumers are increasingly focused on supporting businesses that prioritize sustainable practices. The use of shipping containers as commercial housing units goes hand-in-hand with the “going green” call for entities that have the urge to be sustainable. The use of such containers fits into the waste management approach of the three Rs of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

The use of modified shipping containers as commercial housing units is an ideal example of the ‘Re-use’ process. The process introduces a new application in the lifecycle of a shipping container other than the storage of goods under transportation. The use of such containers also reduces the use of traditional building materials such as timber and manmade items, which can do undue harm to the environment.

Customized Shipping Containers Provide Affordable Shelter

Unlike most traditional construction materials and approaches, the use of shipping containers in constructing commercial units is less expensive. Building using modified shipping containers can help your business startup in saving some money as you start your new business venture. Monetary savings result from many factors, which include the amount of DIY labor, unit size, and design choices.

Shipping Containers Provide Unique Custom-Made Commercial Housing Units

In contrast to traditional building materials and pre-fabricated units, a modified shipping container can provide unique housing units for occupants. These units can get assembled on-site or get pre-fabricated and towed to the site. The shipping container units can be combined, modified, and used in many ways.

The process provides endless custom-designed possibilities. The units can be customized into a pop-up container bar, a shipping crate restaurant, a shipping container cafe, marketing booths, barbershops, and mini-malls, among many others.

Containers Are Ideal Temporary Setups for New Business Ventures

The testing of new markets often needs temporary or leased housing units because businesses don’t want to lose their startup fees on construction and rental costs. The modified shipping container provides a cheaper option than leasing or new business housing unit construction. This possibility reduces startup business risks.

Commercial Construction of Shipping Container Units is Flexible

Apart from the unique options of container design, the use of a modified shipping container has great inherent flexibility. There is an excellent infrastructure that handles and moves containers by rail, sea, and road. These containers provide handling and moving flexibility, which will allow you to handle these containers with great ease when moving them from site to site for modification or commercial use.

Shipping Containers Are Sturdy and Strong

Shipping containers are made from steel and are designed to be sturdy and durable. They are built to be strong because they’re used in open ocean transportation where they may encounter rough handling. A modified shipping container can thus handle extreme loads and significant wear and tear.

This capacity allows it to last for decades without getting damaged. As such, a modified shipping container can keep your goods safe from the vagaries of Mother Nature.

The world has an estimated 17 million containers, but a measly 6 million of them are currently part of active product shipping use. This fact implies that there is a high supply of shipping containers just waiting to be utilized. As such, there is a need for re-use and reduce policy for better and sustainable resource use. The use of a modified shipping container in your business venture is one of the ways to re-use such containers.

Be part of the sustainable resource use movement by using a custom shipping container as a housing unit for your business.