modified shipping containers

5 Unique Ways of Making the Best Out Of Modified Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers are great for the environment and business. An estimated 3.5 tonnes of steel is reused for every recycled shipping container. Besides minimizing the waste, custom shipping containers enhance the appearance of your space. Opting to use custom shipping containers will also significantly slash down your cost of setting up a business.

And the first step towards actualizing your customized shipping container business premises begins with looking for and working with a reputable firm. Having unique business premises gives you that individual connection with your clients, but how do you identify the best shipping container customizer?

Shipping containers are usually available in four sizes, well, that’s according to ISO standards, and the dimensions are; 8ft, 10 ft, 20ft, and 40 ft. These containers can be stacked/joined, cut, and welded to achieve any desired structure, and it all depends on the skill and creativity. Excellent modified shipping containers firms finish what they start, and their designs should go all the way to factor in fittings.

What are some of the business ideas that can use shipping container modifications?

1. Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Exhibitions are a great way of maintaining a professional connection with your clients as well as attracting new clients. The same case applies to trade fairs, and one of the means of achieving that without being too loud is through using booth shipping containers. Besides being noticeable by incorporating your colors, booth shipping containers are customizable.

Working with the right modified shipping containers firm will make its transportation from point to point easy, timely, and risk-free.

2. Cloth Retailing

Over the years, the fashion industry has experienced cut-throat competition among top fashion designers/houses and retailers alike. Shipping container modifications can give you that competitive edge over your peers. The first step is securing a prime spot, and this will make it easier for the modification firm to give you the best product.

Again, the product can be semi-permanent or permanent, and if it can be portable, the better. It is imperative noting that besides incorporating your colors, excellent manufactures inject creativity into the modified container to boost client traffic.

3. Eateries, Bars, and Restaurants

Sometimes selling quality food and drinks with not guarantee your success. But you might be having a strong desire to give the best under the best roof, but the cost of achieving that might be out of reach. A modified shipping container is not only cost-effective but allows you to be creative as much as you can.

Clients are attracted to the uniqueness, and a shipping container café gives you just that and at a reduced cost. The fun part about this is that the modified containers can be shipped from point to point depending on the size. That will save you from worrying about missing out on where the traffic is.

A pop up container bar is also another great and a unique way of attracting and keeping clients

4. Technology

Today, almost everything is related to technology, and this has led to the rise of numerous firms and individuals investing fortunes seeking to have a share of the market. But how do you get noticed? That is achievable by being both strategic and creative.

Trade shows are one of the great places to introduce your product or concept. That can be achieved through trade show shipping containers, all that needs to be done is incorporating your brand color(s). Besides that, the interior and exterior designs of the reused shipping container play a vital role in making you noticeable.

5. Offices and Facilities

Modified shipping containers can make excellent offices and portable facilities, whether permanent or portable. The offices and can come in handy for events that are mostly staged outdoors. Some of the ways which containers can actualize this include;

  • Temporary offices on camping sites
  • Concert management centers
  • Temporary health facilities
  • Portable lavatories

Modified shipping containers are a cost-effective way of getting closer to your dream while maintaining elegance and professionalism. Working with a reputable firm exposes you to both experience and creativity, and the best firm will not restrict its services to some businesses.

The listed above are some of the cost-effective creative ways of using customized containers.