Cisco Systems’ Custom Event Container – Las Vegas, NV

It’s a fact: An event container is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing ways to strut your stuff—just about anywhere.

One such use case is detailed here: Cisco systems contracted IPME to build a two-story, customized event container for its 2015 GSX Event.

The conference took place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. We used four newly modified 20-foot shipping containers to build the Cisco booth.

Cisco’s Event Container: The Way it Worked

Cisco wanted to achieve the best possible education experience for attendees. To help them do this, we came up with several unique, interactive touch screen cabinets. These cabinets guided attendees through the education process.

Furthermore, Cisco taught approximately 20,000 employees with these cabinets. People from around the world learned how to better network, question, and observe.

ciscosystemsWhile Cisco used the first story for employee learning, they actually got twice the functionality from the two-story setup. They used the second floor as a quiet location in which to conduct interviews within the company. They used large screens outside of the containers to display especially interesting interviews, like those with the CEO. This gave them another great opportunity to connect with and attract attendees.

As a result of their success, Cisco Systems kept this event container setup and is storing it for use at future events.

There you have it—not only do event containers help you reach objectives, but they make an excellent investment as well.

Top Features & Specifications of Event Container

  • Four 20’ high cube containers
  • Removed/reinforced walls and doors
  • Diamond plate floor
  • Custom two-tone paint job
  • Graphic wrapped back walls
  • Electrical and wiring
  • LED track lighting
  • TV, speaker, and modem mounts
  • Touch screen cabinets
  • ADA handicap ramp
  • Stair system
  • On-site set up and breakdown

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