Creative Shipping Container Experience by IPME and SO Events

On the first weekend of October, SO Events partnered with IPME to produce an event experience for a corporate client at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The majority of the 5,000 attendees were in the creative industry with artistic careers ranging from graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators.

The creative team at SO Events found it imperative that this event experience not only be exceptionally creative but also visually stimulating and therefore came up with the idea of utilizing shipping containers in an imaginative way to create a distinctively unique environment.

SO Events had IPME build five modified shipping containers for the food area, dining area and the guest entrance. As guests entered the event SO Events had a graphic designer spray-painting a mural alongside one of the containers.The dining area was segmented into “Pods” where each container was inspired by a different artist. The container that utilized special black lights with UV paint was inspired by artist Jackson Pollock. Guests were served painted salads that matched the container. The event was an immense success and demonstrates several of the numerous applications of used shipping containers.