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3 Creative Ways You Can Use Shipping Containers for Brand Building

Have you ever wondered where the millions of shipping containers end up once they are no longer used for shipping and logistics? Do you wonder if there are other uses of a shipping container beyond shipping products across the world? It is estimated that there are about 11 million unused shipping containers on the globe that would be repurposed for other uses.

Customized Shipping Containers

Today, people are modifying custom shipping containers for a variety of uses. One of the primary uses is for business marketing. Businesses are utilizing customized shipping containers to market their services and products, and also open up new branches in different locations. Unlike the past when customers had to find great businesses, today, companies have to take their services and products to the consumer. As such, businesses have to follow crowds and be where the majority of their customers are. By utilizing modified shipping containers, entrepreneurs can now market their businesses more easily.

Trade Show Shipping Containers

The great thing about custom shipping containers is that they are easy to transport and relocate from one point to another. After modifying a shipping container, you can showcase all your products in a trade show or any other business exhibition. All you need is a truck to transport your shipping container to a trade show and ferry it back once the trade show is complete. It makes sense for any business to be part of a trade exhibition, and trade show shipping containers make it possible.

Here are more ways businesses can utilize custom shipping containers for brand building.

1. Pop-Up Containers Stores

What do you do when you can’t find a permanent location in a busy and densely populated city where most of your potential customers are located? Pop-up stores are your go-to. To increase your brand visibility in a busy location, you can rent some small but strategic space and install a pop-up container store for a while. This will enable more customers to interact with your brand, as they can just pop-in and enjoy your products and services as they go about their daily activities.

Additionally, a pop-up store will help you establish the viability of finding permanent space in the location, judging from the customers’ reception of your brand. Nowadays, even the established brands are installing pop-up stores in busy locations where retail space is limited and expensive before building or renting permanent offices in such locations.

2. Product Testing and Launching

Most companies are selling their merchandise online, thus eliminating the need for a permanent retail space. However, when they release a new product into the market, customers may want to interact with the product first before purchasing it online. This is the case especially for automotive and tech gadgets. Therefore, such companies rely on modified shipping containers to set up a temporary location for their product launch and testing.

When marketing a new product, you do not want to take the risk of renting expensive retail space in one location. Instead, you need to have several locations so that more customers can interact with your new product. A modified shipping container will give you the luxury of marketing your new product in several locations without breaking your bank.

3. Pick-up Locations

Sometimes, customers prefer to pick-up their products from a physical location near them. Businesses that sell online may set up a pick-up center in a central location that is easily accessible to the majority of their customers. Although door-to-door delivery works well, some clients find it more convenient to pick up their products themselves. This is especially the case for busy professionals who travel a lot and are neither at home or at work.

Companies can modify custom shipping containers to suit different business purposes. Considering that shipping containers are heavily-built, your business products will be safe. You can rent or buy a shipping container for your mobile-marketing activities from a reputable shipping container dealer near you.