Customized Shipping Containers for Your Business Command Presence at Events

Taco Bell debuted a customized, 1,080 square foot shipping container pop-up store in 2015. By 2017, they opened a permanent store using a shipping container in California. Taco Bell saw an opportunity that many other business owners are noticing, too. The trend for immediate shopping opportunities at events makes it hard to resist favorite products and services as well as bargains.

Using a customized shipping container is the ideal way to open a store. Business owners can attend events without the expense of a brick-and-mortar store or piece-together booths. Your store will be mobile without the hassle of packing, unpacking, putting a booth together, and then taking it all down to start the time-consuming process of packing it all up again. Booth shipping containers can be customized and offer the perfect size to provide a positive customer experience without any hassle.

Have Creative Event Locations Built for You

So, how is a shipping container used to create an intriguing event location? It makes the ideal modular base to manifest your business. They are very easy and affordable to modify for many purposes. Shipping container modifications can include display cases, shelves, plumbing, electricity, and much more. The perfect event location can be 100% created for you using your customized shipping container design ideas.

Work with Inventive Shipping Container Suppliers

It is wise to use a shipping container supplier that also has an in-house production studio with a talented engineering and design team. You are assured of incredible turnkey solutions branded and customized to perfectly fit your business. The goal is to bring your customized shipping container vision to life and produce the ultimate memorable experience for your customers.

Different Types of Customized Shipping Containers for Events

The different types of customized shipping containers used for events include:

  • Shadetainers
  • Event Container Booths
  • Pop Box Outdoor Barriers
  • VIP Shipping Container Lounges
  • Shipping Container Malls
  • Shipping Container Schools
  • Retail Shopping Shipping Containers
  • Mobile Art Gallery
  • Shopping Container Library
  • Bathroom Shipping Containers
  • Shipping Container Cafes
  • Training Shipping Containers
  • Shipping Crate Restaurants
  • Office Shipping Containers
  • Refrigerated Shipping Containers
  • Pop Up Container Bars

Advantages of Using a Customized Shipping Container

Besides being extremely secure, customized shipping containers are easy to open and lock up. You get the convenience of being able to store as well as sell from a single convenient location. Construction is much quicker, so you can utilize the space sooner. Stand out from the rest with modified pop up containers.

Your Brand Will Positively Stand Out

The entire container can be emblazoned with your logo and brand information. Make a customized shipping container as edgy as you prefer to attract a more diverse customer base. Discuss unique design elements with expert design and engineering teams that fully reflect your brand identity. Then, have shipping containers modified to perfectly fit your business.

Customize, Optimize, Outfit, and Go!

Shipping containers can withstand many types of modifications. The steelwork can be changed. Containers can be optimized and incorporate graphic designs of your choice. Even the finishes can be selected, giving you the ultimate customization and optimization options.

Further deck out your containers with cooking equipment, furniture, interactive audiovisual, or point-of-sale. Many elements can be incorporated into shipping containers to make them more attractive and interesting. With the right elements outfitted in your event container booth, you will be drawing in crowds of eager shoppers.

Obtain Assistance with Logistics, Transportation, and Onsite Services

Are you worried about renting or purchasing shipping containers because you don’t have the means to transport them? Top shipping container fabricators and retailers offer transport and logistics services. Who better to get you where you need to go, safely? IPME can help you staff your containers for events as well as set them up and break them down. Request a quote to get started.