Everything You Should Know About Custom Shipping Containers

Everything You Should Know About Custom Shipping Containers

Setting up tradeshow booths, personalized offices, and unique workshops are just a few examples of what you can do with custom shipping containers. Their mobility, storage space, and durability make these containers very useful for various industries. If you’re on the brink of deciding whether these modular containers are for you, here’s a brief overview of everything you should know about custom shipping containers.

What Is a Custom Shipping Container?

A custom shipping container is a cargo container that has been modified to meet a customer’s specific needs. Beyond transportation, the use of these containers has been met with innovation and demand to keep up with the industry’s ever-changing needs.

How Are They Used?

Custom shipping containers have been used for years as on-site storage units and job trailers in a slew of industries from retail to construction. Their use has also evolved into a popular solution for many businesses, often in the following forms:

  • Temporary office or workshop space
  • Retail space (pop-up shops)
  • Food trucks and vending stands
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Tradeshow booths
  • Event merchandise

What Container Size Do You Need?

How much space will you need, and what is the max weight the container can hold? The most common containers are 20- or 40-feet long, but custom shipping containers also come in other lengths. This includes anything from extra-large containers that are 80 feet long to a smaller container that’s only 8 feet long.

Permit and Licenses

Do you need the local municipality’s permission to have and use a custom shipping container? In most cases, yes. If you’re planning on using the container for something other than storage or transportation, you will need to follow local regulations and permits, particularly if you plan on setting up a business space, tradeshow booth, or other permanent structure.

Custom Shipping Container Uses

If you’re still on the fence about custom shipping containers, check out some of these uses for inspiration:

  • Turn a 40-foot container into a music studio. Fitted with soundproof walls, foam panels for better acoustics, and a recording booth, you have an instant, mobile music studio.
  • Transform a 20-foot container into an on-the-go office space. With a desk, chair, and some storage units, you can create an office anywhere you like.
  • Build a coffee shop in a custom shipping container. Build out your counter and some seating, add power outlets and plumbing, and install an espresso machine!
  • Transform a 20-foot container into an outdoor kitchen. This can be great for catering events.
  • Create a pop-up shop space at local fairs and trade shows. This can be done with minimal setup. Just add shelves and a cash register!
  • Make an art studio in your backyard. If you’re an artist looking to create more art or need a place to store supplies, this mobile unit is perfect for you!
  • Set up a temporary workshop for construction or repairs. With power and lighting, this is an excellent option for on-site work.

Cheap, durable, and easy to transport, custom shipping containers are a great solution for businesses of all sizes. Everything you should know about shipping containers doesn’t need to be complicated. When you are ready to make your purchase, reach out to IPME, one of the world’s best leading suppliers of shipping containers.