custom container

Here’s What You Can Do Right NOW!

Live Face-to-Face Marketing will make a comeback.  We as an industry must stay positive and strong, knowing that our innovations and ideas will help bring events, activations and trade shows back to the public.  The phone may not be ringing right now, but we can make it ring.  Are you ready to pick up the phone and answer to call???

With 52 percent of corporate exhibit managers believing that face-to-face marketing could return to somewhat normalcy in the second quarter of 2021, we need to pivot our thinking on how to bring products to customers sooner rather than later.


  1. New product launch.
  2. Medical units needed for testing or other medical services at local medical facilities.
  3. How can I be of service to clients? How can I inspire or motivate my clients to Open America back up and get live events moving again?

All these answers could lie in a simple fluid, portable shipping container built and designed by IPME. A mobile trailer, housing a container unit that can be placed in an open space.  With a creative layout, little physical distancing rules and masks, face to face marketing could happen sooner rather than later.

shipping container cinema house

Open spaces such as The Brig in Venice, California, or Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles, can make it easy to hold a safe event with physical distancing.  With controlled capacity and an invitation only guest list, we can produce a smaller, safer activation that allows you to target specific audiences.  Marketing on the move with customized rental containers is the answer to the call.

We are here to partner with and create a tour or activation for you and your customer.  Please contact our Sales Manager, Liam Goren at 714-402-8652 or CEO, Bill Hinchliff at 714-420-0027