custom shipping container

How Shipping Containers Benefit Trade Show Vendors

There are a lot of shipping containers in the world, so many in fact, that if you were to line them up end to end they would circle the world twice. Due to this overabundance, more and more people are beginning to utilize them as building materials. Starbucks has been credited with beginning this trend by opening up its first custom shipping container cafe in Washington in 2011. Since then, more and more people have taken advantage of shipping containers and utilized them for some pretty incredible structures.

One such way to utilize customized shipping containers is by turning them into one of a kind trade show booths. Unique enough to stand out in a crowd and sturdy enough to stand up to frequent transport, if your company is looking for a way to maximize attention at your next tradeshow, here are the top three reasons to consider trade show shipping containers.

1. Quick and Easy Setup

As any frequent trade show vendor knows, set up can be time-consuming. Between setting up your booth, your wares, signs, and decorations, it can easily take hours to get everything ready. However, with custom shipping containers you can preset everything you need inside and only spend time setting up items and finishing touches. This not only allows you to do more with your booth, but it also gives you time to focus on truly making the most out of the trade show, without worrying about time-consuming set up (or takedown).

2. Saving Money and Labor

Many trade show centers charge for additional storage, and rates can be incredibly high. This means if you need storage for your extra wares, or if you want to store wares overnight to prevent theft, you might risk losing money overall. Coupled with the labor that comes from constantly moving wares back and forth, you can easily tire out staff and leave them feeling less than enthused when the customers start coming over. A custom shipping container removes the hassle and cost by giving you room to store everything you need and the security to keep it on-site overnight. Because trade show shipping containers can simply be locked up when not in use, you can rest easy knowing your wares are as secure as possible.

3. Drawing Attention

Trade shows see dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors all vying for attention. Without a booth that stands out from the crowd, it’s easy to get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the crowd. By using a custom shipping container you can display a commanding presence that stands out and lets consumers know that you mean business. Not only that, but shipping containers are still fairly rare on the trade show scene, this means you can also take advantage of the wow factor. Since many show-goers won’t have seen a booth set up like yours, they will be more inclined to come over and check out your setup than if you were to have a flimsy traditional booth.

During a trade show, vendors and exhibitors should be able to focus on showing off their products and interacting with potential customers, not how long set up will take or how they’re going to store goods after hours. A custom shipping container handles all of these problems, with the added bonus of being able to automatically stand out from the crowd.

If your company frequents trade shows, it’s time to get serious about your exhibit space. By investing in a custom shipping container you can not only save time and money, but you can create a space that everyone on the floor will be eager to come and see.