shipping container modifications

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Shipping Container Modifications

In 2011, Starbucks opened a 450 square foot shipping container cafe in Washington. This is largely thought to have started the trend of modified shipping container pop up stores. Ever since then, more and more restaurants and business owners have started utilizing custom shipping containers to create new locations to draw in curious customers. If you’re new to this trend, here is what you need to know about shipping container modifications.

Creating Custom Locations

Even though shipping containers are starting to see more widespread use, they are still rare enough to create unique buzz. Modified shipping containers can be used to create both stunning permanent locations and pop up venues. Because they are transportable, owners can feel free to move their custom made containers anywhere they please! This ability has made them particularly beneficial for use at tradeshows, where vendors can use them to draw more attention and stand out from the crowd.

What makes shipping containers so unique is their ability to be modified to suit almost any need. Multi-level constructions can be created from these containers, with the insides retrofitted to match the needs of any business. Shipping container modifications are also easier and quicker than traditional constructions, making them perfect for businesses who want to open a new location fast, without waiting months for standard construction to finish.

Drawing Attention

As touched on above, shipping containers are still rare enough that they will cause a stir where ever they are set up. This can work in a business’s favor by drawing in curious patrons who can then go on to become frequent customers. At less permanent locations, vendors can also use shipping container modifications at tradeshows to showcase their wares and draw attention to their exhibit. While traditional stands can draw crowds, nothing will stand out more than an outfitted shipping container.

On the Move

Modified shipping containers also give restaurants and shops the ability to pack up and move to other locations when needed. Because shipping containers are built for travel, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better moving option. Whether you’re moving to different festivals, or just want to set up shop where the weather is warmest, a customer shipping container can give you that ability.

If your a business or restaurant owner and are looking for the best way to draw in customer interest, consider how shipping container modifications can benefit you. Whether you create a whole new location, a trade show exhibit, or a fully moveable pop up spot, you will certainly stand apart from the crowd. Reach out to a shipping container supplier today and discover how you can start creating your business’s most unique and interesting location.