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What To Consider When Taking On a Shipping Container Construction Project

Shipping crates are readily available, made of steel, and relatively cost-effective. That is why more people are opting to use them in lieu of traditional building materials. They are also popular because they are eco-friendly. They don’t require conventional materials such as concrete and bricks, which take up space during construction.

You may use these crates to build a pop up container bar, your private office, or a family home. Regardless of the type of build, one of the main reasons people choose to use containers is because they are affordable.

Building your own home can be financially draining. Custom shipping containers continue to provide an affordable way for people to put up a home. However, there are several considerations you have to make to ensure you have a good build that is within your budget. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Acquiring Materials: New or Used?

Shipping containers are made of steel and come with a roof and walls, which means they’re relatively inclusive. If you want to build something like a pop up container bar, you’ll want the material to be new. Unused materials have no blemishes and do not require painting or additional work. But their initial cost could quickly become a hindrance.

On the other hand, used containers may seem like a better option if you are looking to save on construction costs. However, they tend to be plagued by problems such as corrosion, moisture, rust, deformed walls, and dented roofs. Additionally, some have been exposed to contaminants during transportation.

Remember, a used container will require preparation (like painting, sandblasting, and the elimination of toxins). That means you could easily end up paying more over time. The best option is to use a one-trip shipping crate.

Over-Modifying Containers

A pop up container bar project will sometimes demand modifications to the shipping crate. Unless you have the experience needed to make those kinds of changes, it is best to avoid some modifications altogether.

You should avoid changing the roof or the walls. The crate has a design that carries the load around the edges. Making significant changes to it can compromise its structural integrity.

Cutting out small sections for the windows or ventilation is often not problematic. But modifying entire walls will require reinforcements to maintain strength and stability.

Another problem with over-modifying containers is that intricate designs will translate to higher costs. A fancy roof will demand more resources. Alternatively, circular floor plans will usually be more expensive than rectangular ones. Try to keep your design plans in-check and keep what you can of the original structure.

Modified Shipping Container Contractors

Some people may decide to forego hiring a contractor to save costs by working on the construction by themselves. While it is possible to reduce the expenses on a single container project, most projects will require an expert.

Using multiple modules for your project involves adding multiple layers of design. This could end up being more costly if you try to do it yourself. An expert knows how to utilize steel cut-outs effectively to reinforce other parts of the building.

A professional who has the experience and skill to complete the project can save you money in the following ways:

  • Space Optimization: Professional designers can optimize the limited space within the shipping container.
  • Aesthetics: An experienced contractor can use the materials available to get you the best design based on your tastes and preferences.
  • Sustainability: A professional knows how to reduce energy consumption by implementing green and sustainable solutions. The long-term savings you make from the modifications in the form of utility bills can compensate for the cost of hiring an expert.
  • Quality Finish: The finish of the house could incur the highest costs. Making mistakes can be costly to correct. Consider consulting a designer to help you with the details and intricacies of the project.

Building with shipping crates can significantly cut down the cost of construction. Even though there are situations where DIY may cut costs, more complex projects require expert attention. If you plan to build a shipping crate restaurant, or a pop up container bar, or any other project with an intricate design, take time to understand the cost implications of the choices you make.