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Why Are Pop Up Containers Becoming So Popular For Businesses?

Pop up shops are booming — and they’re getting more attention from small businesses, as is seen by their current U.S. market value of $50 billion. These shops are often used as temporary retail stores, with the most popular consisting of pop up containers that have been customized to fit specific needs. If you have been an outdoor event as of late, you might have even spotted a pop up container bar.

As you might already know, this type of pop up shop is made from modifying shipping containers. The shipping container can be modified to address specific business needs — whether you are need a studio, cafe, or restaurant. Even popular brands have adopted this concept of turning shipping containers to pop up shops. As the physical retail space faces more competition, both internally and externally, pop up containers are bound to get more popular. Here is why this trend has become so popular for businesses.

They Generate Brand Hype

The success of an enterprise in this competitive environment largely depends on staying at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Most businesses have realized that one of the surest ways to do this is to customize pop up containers to make a visual impact. As a business, you will surely generate market buzz when you set up a pop shop in a specific location. If you have your modified shipping container well, it is bound to stand out and attract crowds. Once you have picked the interest of the specific market and generated buzz, your sales are bound to explode. Keep in mind that for this to work out exceptionally, you must have an outstandingly designed custom shipping container.

They Can Be Built For Experiential Retail

E-commerce has had a huge impact on brick-and-mortar retail, but that doesn’t mean that in-person shopping is an antiquated idea. Customers who still want to visit physical retail stores do this because they are seeking the unique shopping experience that can’t be found online. As a business, opting for a custom shipping container can help you provide experiential retail to your clients. By providing a remarkable retail experience to your customers, you can be able to build brand loyalty in them. You will also grow your market by attracting new customers to your brand thanks to your unique retail experience, which authentically connects with them.

They Allow For Mobility to Reach Your Target Market

As a business, you can wait for your clients to come to you — or you can go out and reach them where they are. Going out to reach your market is more promising for a business that wants to succeed; just look at how food trucks are thriving. Fortunately, pop up containers provide this opportunity. If you own a bar or restaurant, you can go set up a pop up container bar or cafe to make it even easier for your clientele to find you. Other than increasing your sales, you will also be able to uniquely introduce your brand to new customers who might not have even known your establishment existed.

They Allow For Monetization of Dead Space

How much dead space do you have around your place of business? Do you know that you can turn that space into a highly profitable part of your operations? Restaurants and bars can expand their sitting area using a modified shipping container in order to serve more customers, for example. Thanks to shipping container modifications, you can also add an interactive area to your business. This can come in handy, especially during peak seasons, where you have an influx of customers.

They’re Easy To Set Up

Pop up containers are easier to set up compared to other options that you might come across. This can come in handy during promotions or events where you need to quickly load in and tear down for weekend events. Trade show shipping containers are designed to require the least amount of labor possible to set up and put back together. This means that you will incur minimal operational costs and thereby maximize your profits.

Pop up containers allows you a chance to give shoppers a unique shopping experience. They also provide an opportunity for retailers to test products and business strategies with real customers without rolling out full operations. For more information on using modified shipping containers to help your business, please contact us today.