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How to Make Your Tradeshow Pop with a Shipping Container Studio

Event marketing is an authentic way to connect with your audience and help them hold memories from your brand. Tradeshows are a way of introducing your business to new customers, reinforcing your brand, and attracting investments. An attractive display is one of the factors of a successful exhibition. To bring that wow factor, trade show shipping containers are taking center stage with eye-catching designs. Here are some tips on why a shipping container studio is essential to your trade show.

  1. Shipping containers give you a wow factor: In a sea of trade shows displays, it is easy to get lost and to stand out from other exhibitors. A customized shipping container is exactly what you need to bring that oomph and stand out from everyone else. A shipping container studio can be transformed into anything from a shipping container café to a pop up container bar. Whichever business you are in, you can customize shipping containers to fit.
  2. They are easy to transport and store: The two things that give any exhibitor a headache is how to transport and store their ware once the exhibition is over. A shipping container, on the other hand, is designed to be transported from truck to ship to truck to warehouse. This design reduces your cost of transport while maximizing transport ease. A forklift is easy and efficient to carry your container from storage and lift it to a truck. Shipping containers can be stacked, which makes them easy to store. You can stack up to eight shipping containers.
  3. You can organize pop up container shows: You do not have to register for a tradeshow to use your shipping container. Organize a pop up container show anywhere any day and attract leads. Do you have a restaurant you want to market? A shipping crate restaurant is precisely what you need to point customers in the right direction. Opened a new branch in a new city? Use your shipping container studio to lead people to your offices and collect leads.
  4. Maintain energy and enthusiasm: With the use of technology, a lot of companies forget to incorporate face-to-face marketing to create awareness. While digital marketing can reach more people, and globally, face-to-face marketing remains an incredible and effective part of the business. Human interaction builds credibility, establishes relationships with new and existing customers as well generates more ROI for your business.
    You can get all these benefits by using a shipping container during your exhibition. Help your employees maintain energy and enthusiasm to direct people to your booth as well as have adequate space to rest when they need it.
  5. Gives you time to showcase to the very end: A shipping container studio is easy to transport and store, which is vital for you during trade shows. While your competitors and other exhibitors are worrying about closing down on time for transport and logistics, you will still be selling and interacting with new and potential customers. If you have been in an exhibition before, you know that last minute sales are numerous, so you don’t want to miss out on them.

Worried you may not get a shipping container on time? According to statistics, there are over 11 million unused shipping containers in the world. Only six million are in use. By adopting a shipping container studio for your trade shows, you are reusing over 3,500 kilograms of streel and signing a 25-year lifespan of never worrying about exhibition booths.