pop up container bar

Look What’s Here: A Pop Up Container Bar!

It seems we live in a world of instant everything. Instant communication, instant information, instant replay. Things come and go in a flash! Well, there’s one trend today that takes the concept of instant marketing to a whole new level: the pop up container bar. An instant way for folks to congregate and then move on!

The concept supposedly came from an idea Starbucks had in 2011 when they opened a location inside of a refurbished shipping container. Considering that only 6 million out of 17 million shipping containers are being used worldwide at the moment, it’s an interesting (and resourceful) idea.

Returning to the concept of pop up containers, this idea is especially applicable for a pop up container bar. A custom shipping container can be easily modified and transformed into a shipping container cafe. Let’s look at how this is accomplished.

First of all, the size of a shipping container is perfect for a project like this. Most shipping containers could easily convert into a shipping container restaurant or pop up bar because they are prefabricated structures, to begin with. Ranging in size from about 20-40 feet long and 8 feet wide (and usually about 9.5 feet tall), they can easily be customized to fit any style.

Want a mahogany bar with brass rails? Or a trendy multicolored bar with matching lights? A customized shipping container can make those dreams come true!

The best part? You’ll be surprised where a pop up container bar could show up! They’re similar to RVs and food trucks, which means they’ll be where the action is on any given night.

Moving into the future, the idea of a pop up container bar, pop up container sushi restaurant, or pop up container cupcake buffet seems ingenious and innovative. If you’re interested in the food, beverage and hospitality business, it might be a bright idea to research them because as an industry, this business is growing.

Interested yet? The dividends and profits just might surprise you. And you’ll have your pick of structures, too because of the sheer number of shipping containers available and their rise in popularity lately. Just one more tip — don’t miss the boat!