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Modern Tips to Ensure the Success of Any Experiential Marketing Campaign

We’ve talked quite a bit about experiential marketing in the past, but the fact is, each and every campaign is different. It’s critical to take the time you need to truly evaluate your underlying business goals as they relate to your brand strategy. If you’re in the process of planning an experiential marketing campaign, using some thoughtful tips can help you put yourself into the customer’s mindset and more closely relate to the message your business is sending. Here are just a few thoughtful tips to help make sure your experiential marketing campaign is as successful as possible in increasing brand awareness.

Provide Value

The reason many traditional marketing campaigns fail is that marketers are sending too strong of a message and essentially forcing their brand down customers’ throats. But experts say the key to a truly one of a kind experiential marketing campaign is to provide value regardless of how closely related the campaign is to your brand. For example, in a recent experiential marketing campaign, Lean Cuisine set up a series of scales in New York’s Grand Central Station. But there’s a twist: the scales weren’t intended to measure weight. Instead, women were instructed to write down the ways in which they’d like to be measured.

“Rather than focusing on their weight in pounds — or anything pertaining to body image — the women opted to be measured by things like being back in college at 55, caring for 200 homeless children each day, or being the sole provider to four sons,” writes Amanda Zantal-Wiener on HubSpot.

This was a completely voluntary experience that had nothing to do with the products Lean Cuisine actually sells. This provides value to the campaign and actually helps customers remember your brand and message even more.

Add Novelty

Once you’ve established how to engage customers without being forceful about your brand, think about how you can make an impact by adding a memorable element to the campaign. It often helps to think about what you’d like customers to associate with your brand: thoughts, values, ideas, emotions, etc. — and center the customer experience around it. It also helps to invest in a physical space that’s conducive to creativity and adds a sense of novelty to the entire experience. Custom shipping containers and other shipping container modifications are just one affordable option: after all, durable, steel custom shipping containers average a 25-year lifespan and require minimal maintenance.

Ultimately, understanding how to keep the customer in mind when creating your experiential marketing campaign is the key to maximizing its success. For more information about custom shipping containers and other modified shipping containers, contact IPME.