Hurley Shipping Container Water Bar

Providing Clean Water to Everyone: Hurley H20 Event Shipping Container Case Study

Not to brag, but at IPME, (and when it comes to event shipping containers) we’re the package deal.

Helping companies reach their event marketing goals is something that we’re great at, and here’s a case study to prove it.

Initial Contact & Planning

When Hurley reached out to us for help building their H2o booth for the U.S. Open of Surfing event, we knew we were going to be able to do some amazing work. Hurley’s H2o brand spread the Hurley1message of clean water for all. One of their campaign taglines summed it up best: “1 in 6 people do not have access to clean water. 5 in 6 can help.”

It is with this mindset that we began the process of crafting the perfect shipping container event booth for them. Elements we knew we needed to incorporate into it included a mindset of sustainability, durability, and ingenuity.

The Features of the Event Shipping Container

Our team was able to expertly design and assemble a state-of-the-art, fully-detailed, and 100 percent functional shipping container event booth. IPME is responsible for everything from the welding and framework, to the beautiful, glossy blue shade of the container itself. Exceptional features we installed include the following:

  • 1 new 20-foot container
  • Electrical work
  • Fold-down side wall
  • Fold-out awning
  • Interior smooth back wall with shelving
  • Interior water bar
  • Custom paint job
  • Graphics
  • Branding
  • Delivery

As you can see, our work included not just the paint job, but the actual branding of the container and shipment and delivery of said container. Needless to say, Hurley made an excellent investment in an incredibly successful event container. This container served not only as sustainable and durable marketing, but a water-filling station where guests of the annual surfing event could help themselves to some fresh, clean water.

In Conclusion

The marriage between a worldwide campaign like Hurley’s and IPME’s skill in event crafting was a match made in heaven. We take pride in raising eco-friendly awareness through our exceptionally-crafted shipping containers, and Hurley’s environmentally-conscious message was to sustainably get fresh drinking water to all.

The idea that Hurley built with us resonated in the minds of event attendees and allowed people to witness the ingenuity behind the campaign and the project. To top it off, this container went on to serve as a staple in Hurley H2o’s five-year marketing plan. Once they had bought it from us, they could use it just about anywhere.

For a stunning and sustainable investment in your marketing goals, look no further than a custom-branded shipping container! Be sure to watch the video below for a look into our process. For quotes or questions, contact us here.