Experiential Marketing Shipping Container Structure

More Beautiful Shipping Containers You’ll Love

Remember last time we showed you the true beauty of shipping containers? Well, brace yourself for round two!

We make it our mission (and our career–obviously) to seek out excellent projects worthy of an even more excellent shipping container set-up.

Let’s take a tour of some of the coolest shipping containers in the country…

Cisco Systems, GSX, Mandalay Bay

Cisco Systems Storage Container Booth


Practical and beautiful–isn’t that the perfect combination? We certainly think so, and this two-story booth we masterminded for Cisco Systems is no exception.

Cisco Systems used this shipping container booth to help educate over 20,000 employees. In addition, it provided the perfect venue to feature live interviews and other company news on second-story monitors.

Angry Birds Stella, San Diego Comic Con

Angry Birds Pop Up Shipping Container


Despite the name, there were no angry birds in the house after we finished this project. In fact, it was more of a “cat-that-swallowed-the-canary” type situation. After we set up this stunner of a Comic Con booth, the Angry Birds folks were more than satisfied.

Be Street Booth, Agenda Trade Show, Long Beach CA

Be Street Shipping Container Booth


Not to brag, but this baby won Be Street Magazine the “Best Big Booth Award” at the Agenda Trade Show. Thanks to sleek, no-nonsense branding, Be Street increased booth traffic and looked super fly doing it.

As an added bonus, we helped Be Street meet their goal of a fast and cost-effective solution.

Golfwang Apparel Shop, Odd Future Carnival, Los Angeles CA

Golf Wang Experiential Marketing Shipping Container Booth


Straight out of a minimalist’s daydream, the Golfwang Apparel Shop tells no lies and keeps no secrets (notice the clear branding). We created this container for rapper Tyler the Creator’s new clothing company so he could promote his brand and bring style to everyone while on the road.



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