shipping container modifications

Shipping Container Modifications You Are Only Limited by Your Imagination

Shipping container modifications can make your pop up shop right on-trend. This new building solution is getting plenty of buzz as more retailer’s are finding the solutions they need with shipping container modifications.

Pop-up shops are popping up everywhere and are getting a lot of attention. Market shares for pop-up shops are at about 50 billion dollars. Many of those shop owners are tapping into the power that shipping containers offer.

Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers are available in abundance. There are millions of shipping containers in circulation. They are an easy resource to find because of the abundance of containers that are not being used for their intended purpose.

Modifications are being made to these durable metal boxes to transform them into useful building spaces. They can be modified to meet specific shop owner’s needs. There are even examples of shipping container family homes and office buildings.

They can be modified to include windows, doors, different layouts, and, more. Some savvy business owners have used these modified containers for:

  • Shipping container studio
  • Pop up container bar
  • Shipping crate restaurant

Containers can be modified to create much-needed office space at the site of your project, they can be built into multi-story structures. These containers can be modified and outfitted to create just about any type of structure.

Affordable, On-Trend Aesthetic and Good For the Environment

One of the biggest drives there is for taking advantage of this building option is that it is cost-effective. Shipping container buildings are less expensive to construct than other buildings. Another benefit is that they are built off-site and brought to the location.

Containers deliver that industrial chic look that is very much on-trend right now. They are rugged and can be used as-is without exterior cosmetic changes or the exterior can be modified as well.

Modified shipping containers are a great eco-friendly choice. Shipping container modifications help to reduce waste because there are so many containers already available with many, many containers not in use. Choosing this building option means you are reusing what is already available.

It May Be the Perfect Solution

Modified shipping containers may be the ideal solution for your pop-up shop. Learn more about design options and how modified shipping containers can work for your business.