Taking It To The Streets

The best way to get your client’s brands to market

Traditional trade shows have no date to return and we can no longer rely on conventional marketing tactics.  We would like to help create mobile marketing tours with you and your clients, to keep brands in the face of their customers.  Roam throughout the USA and market to the end-user safely and effectively.  With distinctive branding to capture the attention of the customer.  Move from market to market, efficiently and quickly, while making sure budget dollars are spent wisely and customers are safe.

IPME modified shipping containers make for easy transport, installation, and dismantle, all the while withstanding elements and keeping product secure.  We provide customized, turnkey solutions for all mobile marketing functions from design, on-site supervision, labor, project management, and transportation.  Taking it to the streets is the only way to take the brand to the people.  

Let’s connect and create magic for 2021.  IPME modified containers can bridge the gap in a time of waiting for traditional trade shows to return to increasing sales now. If you have designs or ideas that you may not think could get mobile, let’s talk.  IPME can help design a tour suitable for any brand. 

Reach out to Bill Hinchliff – bill@goipme.com or Gina Madonna – ginam@goipme.com for collaboration and pricing.

Past and current mobile tours and activations:

Specialized 2017 – Laguna Seca Raceway

   *Sits directly on trailer, hidden with custom corrugated surround

   *Designed to install and breakdown within hour to transport to finish line and re-assemble.

   *Includes 2nd story VIP area for maximum viewing of race

Lush Labs 2019 – Mobile Tour

 *Los Angeles, New York, El Paso, Little Rock

 *Increased market share throughout US

 *Created brand awareness through social media during tour

NBA Finals 2020 – Lakers/Pepsi Activation

  *Over 150 cars drove thru in 2-hour period

  *LA Lakers and Pepsi collaboration with giveaways to invited fans

  *Designed/built/activated within 48 hours of approval

LG / Dolby Vision / Stranger Things (Season 2) 2017

* Award Winning Event & Tour Structure

* 6 City Tour utilized IPME on-site labor and supervision in each city

* Designed to replicate cinema house, container encased in custom panels and marquee