modified shipping container

Three Ways That Shipping Containers Can Be Reused

There are more shipping containers out in the world than you probably realize. In fact, if all the shipping containers in the world were lined up in a row, they would circle the earth twice. Shipping containers are necessary, of course; there are few other ways to effectively contain a large quantity of bigger items during the shipping process. However, they are made of materials that aren’t so easy to break down. This means that used shipping containers can end up being discarded whole, taking up space in landfills or simply languishing unused.


But in recent years, it’s become clear that shipping containers can be recycled, or rather repurposed. Creative minds have taken advantage of the fact that larger modified shipping containers are essentially prefabricated spaces, and can be remodeled and furnished until they stand as desired. With that being said, those who aren’t as familiar with the structures of modified shipping containers may be reluctant to use them. That’s why we’re looking into a few ways in which modified shipping containers can be converted into new spaces, and what that might look like.


1. Cafes


Cafes are unique in that some are outfitted to be similar to restaurants in terms of size and offerings, while others are smaller. A cafe could potentially be more like a “stand up” than sit-down restaurant, where people can grab their coffee and refreshments and go. The benefit of this kind of coffee shop is that it’s a great fit for areas wherein a lot of people are constantly heading off to early morning jobs and need to grab something in a hurry. Coffee stands have been particularly successful in areas out west, where a lot of people work hard physical labor from the beginning of the day until the end and don’t have much time to relax in a typical cafe. A shipping container can easily be outfitted with the necessities to produce great coffee concoctions, and further decorated outside, with a window for customers driving by. You may not be able to fit a massive crew in a converted shipping container, but for businesses like a shipping container cafe, you wouldn’t need a lot of staff.


2. Sheds and Workshops


If you have the space on your property and are looking for storage solutions, why not set up a tool shed using a modified shipping container? Or if you’re an aspiring DIY master, you’ll love having a roomy workshop to complete all kinds of projects. The shipping container is a premade structure, so you don’t need to spend the time, money, and energy building the shed or workshop from scratch.


3. Pop Up Shops


You may or may not be familiar with pop up shops. They’re something of a newer trend. Small businesses will create pop up shops that act as temporary storefronts, which will stand for a limited amount of time and then go away, perhaps returning eventually. Custom shipping containers are perfect for pop up shops. You can quickly and easily convert a shipping container into a small shop, and then move on once the time is done. A pop up shop is a great way to experiment with what could become a permanent shop concept, but some people choose to keep their pop up containers for the future. The accessibility of a shipping container makes it easier.


Shipping containers are excellent for reuse, not simply because they provide the opportunity to simplify a complicated process, but because they allow you to recycle and reduce waste.