Types of Shipping Container Vents and Ventilation

One of the main reasons why shipping containers are so popular for conversion is that they offer exceptional versatility. You can create storage areas, living quarters, retail spaces, and functional restaurants using shipping containers. However, no matter what type of shipping container you have, you want to consider ventilation options to ensure the space doesn’t get too stuffy. Here are a few types of shipping container vents and ventilation options to help you decide which is best for you.

Passive Vents

Passive vents essentially create a hole in the side of your container and attach a vent or covering over it. These are typically flat or slightly concave metal plates with holes in them that allow for open and natural airflow. Passive vents are ideal for shipping container structures used for storing things like outdoor tools or other items that are less sensitive to heat. The natural airflow of passive vents helps reduce mustiness but isn’t ideal for creating a comfortable atmosphere in which to spend extended periods.

Active Vents

Active vents are one of the better types of shipping container vents and ventilation. Users can install active vents on walls, floors, and roofs, and they come in many distinct sizes and styles. One of the more common features of active vents is the ability to open and close them to provide more control over the ventilation options. Many active vents also have internal fans to help circulate the air instead of needing to rely on natural breezes and airflows like passive vents. However, because they use mechanical fans, they will need some form of electrical connection.

Controlled Ventilation

When you have a converted shipping container home or other fixture where you need more temperature control, relying on natural or exterior airflow won’t always do the job. Instead, you may need to install air conditioning units to chill and circulate the air. Air conditioners are an ideal option when trying to create a more comfortable environment that may house people at regular intervals.

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