Video: IPME Constructs the Hurley H2O Booth for US Open of Surfing

There is no limit in the level of ingenuity of ideas that can come from a shipping cargo container. If you were at the U.S. Open of Surfing last year in Huntington Beach, CA. then you probably noticed the Hurley H2O booth that had been beautifully crafted out of a shipping container. In fact, it was a container constructed into a water filling station where guests and attendees of the annual surfing event could help themselves to some clean, fresh water.

This one project is a prime example of what happens when you bring IPME, a company which specializes in innovations, projects, management and equipment, alongside a worldwide campaign like Hurley’s mission to get clean water to everyone. This was indeed a creative approach aimed to inspire water activism amongst people and push for action to provide clean water for the world. Similarly, ConGlobal Industries takes pride in raising eco-friendly awareness through their infinite shipping container lifespan. Ingenious designs and uses will continue and keep moving forward with shipping container “cubes.”

Throughout the US Open of Surfing event, the Hurley H2O container quenched the thirst of thousands of people there. It’s a simple idea really, “provide clean water to everyone,” and a standard shipping container was able to take part. However, the idea was quite powerful and people were able to witness the ingenuity behind IPME and ConGlobal Industries. Shipping containers have proven to go a long way; they have an infinite lifespan and a use for just about any project. To prove a point, take a look at the most recent project set to open late November 2013 in Downtown Las Vegas, Central Container Park. You will be amazed at the many new found uses for shipping containers.