Shipping Crate Restaurant

What’s Behind the Shipping Crate Restaurant Trend in America?

Shipping crate restaurants are the newest trend in the catering industry that American restaurateurs have fully embraced. From large companies such as Starbucks to the local cafes, shipping container restaurants are revolutionizing the design of the modern restaurant.

Businesses are not embracing the shipping crate restaurant just because it’s the hottest trend in the industry, but also because of the practical benefits of container restaurants.

These are some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of shipping crate restaurants.

1. Modified Shipping Containers Are Readily Available

According to Billie Box, there are more than 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally, and only about five million are in active use. This leaves more than 10 million shipping containers to be used for other purposes. As such, it’s easier to find customized shipping containers to convert to a container café.

Additionally, many shipping container dealers sell and modify custom shipping containers. You can have all the modifications and facilities you want in a shipping container restaurant to create the ideal ambiance for your customers. These include ventilation, windows and doors, interior décor, and branding. The steady supply of shipping containers means that hoteliers have more options to choose from.

2. Shipping Crate Restaurants Are More Affordable

Since shipping containers are readily available, restaurant-owners have more liberty to negotiate prices and get more value for their money. Additionally, installation and modification of container cafes is more affordable because it uses less labor and materials. Your container restaurant can be modified and installed in a matter of days with fewer construction costs.

Compared to the costs and time needed to put up a brick and mortar restaurant, container cafes are a good bargain. With the rising costs of retail space, affordable shipping crate containers come in handy for entrepreneurs in the catering industry. The fact that you can easily relocate your container restaurant to a different location also adds to the price advantage. This is why small and established hoteliers are leveraging the cost benefits of shipping crate containers to expand their businesses.

3. Shipping Container Cafes Are Stylish and Accommodate Different Designs

It’s easy to modify a shipping container using different designs. You can brand the interior and exterior of your container café with your brand’s logo and colors. You can really stretch your creative muscles when customizing your container restaurant. The structure of shipping containers makes it easy to make many modifications without paying through the nose for the design works.

You can also stack several shipping containers to create a two or three-storeyed container café. Besides giving your more space to expand your operations, shipping containers accommodate different designs. You can experiment with the different sizes and shapes of shipping containers to create an awesome restaurant with a futuristic design. Today, it takes more than great food and customer service to attract and retain the modern customer.

You should strive to make your customers feel special when dining and hanging out in your restaurant. Luckily, the flexibility of modifying a shipping container allows you to design your container restaurant in an appealing style that will impress your customers.

4. Container Cafes Are Sustainable and Long-Lasting

Shipping containers are designed to last for more than three decades. With light maintenance, your container café will serve you for many decades without requiring extensive repairs. Even better, the construction of a container café doesn’t leave a lot of waste materials.

Installing and customizing shipping crate containers is more eco-friendly because most materials used are bio-degradable. Additionally, when the shipping containers exceed their service life, you can have them recycled. Ultimately, this helps reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste in the eco-system.

These are some of the many benefits behind the popularity of shipping crate restaurants in North America. Shipping container cafes are the ideal solution for hoteliers who want to expand their businesses rapidly. Shipping container cafes are cost-effective, flexible in design, readily affordable, and long-lasting. You should trust a reputable shipping container dealer to get you a new or used container in great shape.