3 Common Misconceptions About Custom Shipping Containers

3 Common Misconceptions About Custom Shipping Containers

Custom shipping containers are great for building different structures. Housing, event spaces, office buildings, restaurants, and retail spaces are all possible thanks to a custom shipping container frame. However, many people believe misinformation about these metal boxes, despite their growing popularity. Let’s learn if these three common misconceptions about custom shipping containers have any truth.

Custom Shipping Containers Are Greener Than Regular Ones

It’s nice to think you’re doing something good for the environment by investing in a custom shipping container, but it’s not a guarantee. A large part of what makes containers more environmentally friendly is the act of recycling an existing container. You can’t do that with a new one. While you can make an environmentally friendly container with additions like solar panels or rain collectors, a custom container isn’t automatically sustainable.

Custom Containers Are Cheap

While customized shipping containers can save you money, you may quickly discover the construction process isn’t all that different than regular containers. No matter what you want to do with your container, you still need to pay most of the same construction, material, and labor costs. After purchasing the container, the budget and construction are about the same. Custom shipping containers use the same high-quality and long-lasting materials you’d want in a home or commercial property, so incorporate them into your structure.

You Can’t Transport Custom Containers

A common misconception about custom shipping containers is that you can’t move them. Truthfully, they’re among the easiest structures to transport! Custom shipping containers have many different foundation options you can use, whether you want them to be permanent or move them around. Many companies use custom shipping containers for event space because they’re easy to load and transport.

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