4 Main Benefits of Shipping Container Farming

4 Main Benefits of Shipping Container Farming

There are many options for interior farming, such as greenhouses or climate-controlled tents. However, a popular trend in the agricultural world is utilizing shipping containers. These sturdy, reliable structures are great for creating unique farming areas where growers can easily control the light and temperature. Here are four of the main benefits of shipping container farming and why it’s an excellent idea for growing tasty, local produce.

1. Locally Grown

One of the most common concerns with produce is getting it at its freshest. Growers either need to flash freeze their vegetables or risk losing freshness over the lengthy transportation period. Growing local produce allows restaurants or other establishments to get vegetables from nearby sources and provide customers with fresher vegetables.

2. Crop Variety

Many farmers deal with the limits of being unable to grow certain vegetables in their region. Certain crops grow better in dryer climates, while some need lots of humidity to thrive. Thankfully, one of the main benefits of shipping container farming is that you can make each container have its own ecosystem. Being able to control temperature, heat, lighting, and humidity means you can grow several crops that may not have otherwise been available in your region.

3. Plenty of Space

Farming often takes up a lot of space. Thankfully, shipping container farms allow for vertical farming so that you can fit a lot more potential vegetables per square foot of space. Since shipping containers often stack like bricks, you may opt for two-story farms to grow even more crops in a smaller plot of land.

4. Good for the Environment

Shipping container farming is positive for the environment in many ways. By growing locally, we reduce emissions from transportation vehicles. By repurposing old containers, we focus less on producing new materials. Since containers don’t take up much land, they’re a great opportunity to grow fresh produce in areas that may not otherwise have them.

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