pop up container bar

3 Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Pop Up Container Bar

Pop up shops have become increasingly popular in the retail market during recent years. The shipping container shop market is valued at over $50 billion. There are approximately 11 million unused shipping containers globally that can be used for art studios, mobile cafes, restaurants, and pop up container bars. Before purchasing a shipping container, there are things you need to consider when it comes to design. Here are three factors to consider when setting up a pop up container bar.


Shipping container modifications can help you create a unique experience for your customers. You will need to consider how to design your space to be able to serve customers and store inventory. You can modify custom shipping containers to target a specific niche, such as attracting a younger demographic. A custom shipping container can be easily molded into any shape or dimension, which can make it highly cost-effective for your business.

Design and Engineering

You will want to find people who are experienced in metalworking to help you make the shipping modifications you need. Your pop up container bar also needs various features installed to help increase comfort inside the structure. An HVAC system can provide adequate ventilation and insulation can help control internal temperatures. You may also want to consider lighting options to create either a relaxing or high energy vibe.


Where your pop up container bar will be located plays a huge role in how much space you will need. You will want to choose a location that can generate plenty of traffic to your bar. Will you be located indoors or set up on the street? Where you choose to set up your modified shipping container will be a significant factor in the design logistics.

Owning a pop up container bar can be a financially successful investment when done right. By considering these factors for setting up a pop up container bar, you will be able to design a memorable experience for your customers. Your only limit is your imagination. With the proper brand design and marketing, you will be able to increase your overall revenue and have a successful business for years to come.