modified shipping containers

How You Can Use Modified Shipping Containers to Market Your Small Business

Modified shipping containers offer small business owners all kinds of benefits that most people are not even aware of. Customized shipping containers can create a new and unique customer experience for businesses of all kinds and sizes. From making a new shipping container cafe to creating a pop up container bar, we are here to showcase a few of the many ways in which you can use modified shipping containers to market your small business in the modern world.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Let’s face the facts: we live in a world dominated by social media. In this day and age, many people will choose the restaurant they dine at or the store they shop at based on the photo opportunities they might be able to get. Getting that unique photo in that special place is something that is very appealing to people in the modern age. With a modified shipping container serving as the shell of your business, you can be sure that your customers will love to take photos of your business. But this isn’t just fun for vanity’s sake. The more pictures your customers are taking, the more people are learning about your business through word of mouth. This can be an incredibly powerful and compounding effect that will serve dividends over time as more and more people visit your fun and unique modified shipping container business.

Partnering With Other Local Businesses

A modified shipping container gives you the chance to mold and adapt to your local community. With a brick and mortar store, you may end up being stuck in one place, both physically and socially. A modified shipping container can give you the chance to branch out and connect with similar and adjacent businesses that are doing operations within your community. This will allow you to run promotions, attract new customers, and build up a strong reputation in your local community. What can be better than that for a small business in the modern era? After all, were you aware of the fact that pop up shops are booming and they’re getting more attention from small businesses with a current U.S. market value of $50 billion?

The team here at IPME is excited to help you enter into the exciting new world of modified shipping containers. Whether you run a small business and you are looking to stand out by creating a shipping crate restaurant, or if you are attempting to bring something new to the table with trading show shipping containers, we are here for you. We believe that each and every type of business can benefit from modified shipping containers in one way or another. If you are curious about how you can make use of modified shipping containers for your business, then please don’t be shy. Reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today to learn even more about how we can help you take the first step into the world of modified shipping containers.