shipping crate restaurant

5 Reasons to Open a Shipping Crate Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique, cost-effective, and customizable option for opening your new restaurant or new restaurant location, a shipping crate restaurant could be exactly what you need. The shipping container restaurant trend is often related back to a 2011 Starbucks pop up, and countless restaurants and cafes have followed suit. There are many advantages to opening a shipping container restaurant, and below are five of the top reasons.

1. A Shipping Crate Restaurant is Quick to Open

If you are looking to open a restaurant soon, a shipping container conversion can help you move up your opening date. Since you are starting with a pre-existing structure, there is less construction time depending on the design you opt for.

2. A Shipping Crate Restaurant has Mobile Possibilities

The option to make your restaurant mobile opens the door to many new possibilities. The mobility of your restaurant can be especially helpful if you are doing a pop up event or if you are trying out a new location for a more permanent store. If an area ends up not having the customer turn out that you were hoping for, you can simply pick up your entire business and move it to a better location.

3. A Shipping Crate Restaurant Can be Cost-Effective

Although you can definitely spend the same amount on a shipping container restaurant as you do on a traditional restaurant, it’s easily possible to make your shipping container modifications more cost-effective and cheaper. If you are making a pop up container bar, you will have an easier time saving money versus if you are opening a full-service restaurant.

4. A Shipping Crate Restaurant Is A Novelty

Having a shipping crate restaurant or pop up is still a novelty concept, which means that more people will post on their social media accounts and talk with their friends about your restaurant. The free publicity of having your restaurant in a customized shipping container means a higher return on your investment.

5. A Shipping Crate Restaurant Is Customizable

You can really customize your shipping container as much as you want to, and you don’t have to make all of those customizations as soon as you open your pop up or restaurant. If you open a shipping container cafe where you don’t serve fresh food, for example, you can add in an oven or stovetop to expand your business. Whether you’re looking to open a full-service restaurant or just a concession stand, a shipping container can be fully customized to perfectly fit your needs.

There are many advantages to opening a shipping crate restaurant. If you would like more information on shipping container conversion, make sure to reach out to our team here at IPME. We would love to help you with your restaurant conversion!