3 Ways to Use a Custom Shipping Container in Your Business

Globally, the total number of active shipping containers is about five million. This number comes from the overall total of 17 million shipping containers in circulation. Shipping containers are durable and have a long service life. Therefore, after their service in the shipping industry, they are still useful in the business world. Like other small businesses in the U.S., here’s how you can utilize a custom shipping container to boost your business operations.

1. Using a Custom Shipping Container as Extra Storage Space

As you grow your business and acquire more customers, your business inventory might surpass your available storage space. This is the dilemma that most small and medium businesses are grappling with today. You reckon that you need extra retail space for your bulging inventory, but you may not afford to rent extra warehouse space. Additionally, you may want to keep your operational costs low so you can make more profit and grow your business. This is where shipping containers come in handy.

You can easily buy a customized shipping container and use it to store your business merchandise. A 40-foot shipping container will give you more than enough storage space. The good thing is that you can place the container at the front or back of your shop without endangering your merchandise. Shipping containers are strong and can withstand severe weather conditions, so you can bet that your goods will be safely stored.

2. Trade Show Shipping Containers

Marketing your business is crucial to the growth and success of your business. To acquire new customers, you need to showcase your products and services in different locations. That means taking full advantage of trade shows and other social gatherings with large crowds of people. With a trade show shipping container, you can showcase your goods and services easily because it is mobile. You can modify a custom shipping container into a concession stand or a marketing booth.

The modifications will also give you enough branding space. You can modify a shipping container in a design that will give you more space to print your business logo. You can also paint the exteriors and interiors of the shipping container using your corporate colors. This will increase your brand awareness and help you sell your business to more customers.

3. You Can Utilize Container Offices

Container offices are another big trend for small, medium, and big businesses. When you are expanding your business to new locations, you will need office space for your employees. Shipping container offices are more affordable to install compared to brick and mortar offices. For businesses in the construction industry, container offices come in handy when undertaking projects in remote places. Additionally, these container offices are mobile, and they can also be used as temporary or permanent offices. This makes them perfect for a growing company that is bringing new employees on board.

You can also have a custom shipping container modified into a locker room, kitchen, cloakroom, or recreational room for your employees. It is easy for designers to install ventilation, plumping, and electricity in a shipping container. As such, the shipping container can have all the utilities and facilities needed to make it practical and useful in the way that you intend. Having extra facilities, like a ballroom for your employees, will boost your company’s overall productivity because workers will be more motivated. Luckily, you can modify a used or new shipping container to suit your needs without breaking the bank.

Every business can find a different use for a custom shipping container within their operations. From using container offices and tradeshow container stands to using containers as storage space, there is a lot that a container can do for your business. Because containers are built from quality and durable materials such as aluminum, steel, and fiber-reinforced polymer, you will get a long service life from your customized shipping containers. Whether you want to modify a new or used container, you should trust an experienced dealer to supply and modify your shipping container.