3 Ways a Shipping Container Café Can Enhance Your Hotel Business

Shipping container cafés are getting popular by the day. The hospitality industry has embraced shipping crate restaurants because they add utility to their business, and they are also stylish and flexible in design. A shipping container café brings out the cool factor that captures the attention of customers. This is an added advantage that restaurateurs want, given that most customers are attracted to everything new.

If you are thinking about installing a shipping container café, you are on the right track. You’ll be delighted to know that thousands of hoteliers worldwide, including big brands like Starbucks, have successfully installed container cafés.

Here’s how a shipping container cafe will enhance your hotel business.

1. Reduces Your Cost of Installation, Maintenance, and Operation

Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants that require a lot of capital to design and build, container cafés are more affordable. The bulk of your investment in a shipping container café goes into buying the shipping containers and modifying them. You can also buy modified shipping containers and customize them to suit your brand. Since new and used shipping containers are in plenty of supply, you can get one at an affordable price. Of the 17 million shipping containers available worldwide, only six million are in use. This means that you can get your shipping containers for your container café at a bargain price.

After constructing your shipping container café in a cost-effective manner, your costs of running the café will be significantly lower. First, container cafés require minimum maintenance. Once you’re set up, you only need to conduct routine maintenance, such as cleaning off dust and dirt, lubricating the door hinges, and replacing worn-out rubber seals. This fades in comparison to the maintenance costs of a traditional café that may need constant remodeling and repair.

2. Container Cafés Helps You Attract the Modern Consumers

The current push to have a green economy has made today’s consumers more eco-conscious. The current crop of consumers is more loyal to a business that has adopted eco-friendly practices. Shipping container cafés are eco-friendly, which means your café will have a sterling reputation amongst eco-conscious consumers. Customized shipping containers use fewer resources to design and install, and this reduces waste.

Additionally, shipping containers can be recycled and repurposed for other uses once they reach the end of their service life. Climate action is one of the sustainable development goals, so you expect to have more eco-conscious consumers in the future. Therefore, your shipping container café will put you in good standing among the modern consumers, and this will help you boost sales.

3. Container Cafés Allow You to Follow Your Customers

In the restaurant and food service industry, you must be proactive with your marketing strategies. You have to be available where your customers are to satisfy their needs. This means that you must be flexible and mobile so you can take your food services closer to your consumers. Using a shipping container café or a pop-up container bar will help you market your food and beverage services to more consumers.

The portability of a shipping crate restaurant allows you to move swiftly from one place to another. Consequently, you can market your food services in different trade shows and food exhibitions. Additionally, you can supply food to temporary gatherings. For instance, you can install your shipping container café next to an ongoing concert, political rally, or sporting event. This allows you to be opportunistic and capitalize on events that will boost your sales and also sell your brand.

You can do more with a shipping container café besides selling food to customers. A container café allows you to market your food services to more customers, attract the modern eco-conscious customers, and reduce your set-up and maintenance costs. Overall, you’ll enjoy more benefits from installing a shipping container café as opposed to building or renting a brick-and-mortar café. To get a high-quality shipping container café, trust a reputable container dealer near you.