pop up container bar

4 Reasons Why a Pop Up Container Bar Is a Great Business Idea

Pop up shops have become a booming trend with a current market value of $50 billion. Pop up containers provide customization and convenience for many small businesses. Here are four reasons why a pop up container bar is a great business idea.

Experiential Marketing Appeal

A pop up container bar can be a great way to launch a small business. These custom shipping containers can become permanent structures or used in multiple locations. If you open up a custom shipping container as a bar in new locations, it creates a sense of urgency for customers. They may respond faster to visiting your business before you change locations. Pop up containers appeal to the 78% of Millennials who desire to spend their money on experiences rather than physical items.

Set a Unique Atmosphere

Shipping container modifications can be made to set up a unique atmosphere for your business. You can customize all the various design aspects you can’t do with a traditional brick-and-mortar space. Modified shipping containers can be enhanced with comfortable seating and string lighting for an indoor or outdoor environment. An intimate space can deliver a more personalized hospitality experience from the bartenders or owner.

Cost Effective Advantage

Starting a pop up container bar has a cost-effective advantage when starting a business. It can be less expensive than building or leasing a space. You can save money by purchasing a used shipping container for your bar. These smaller containers also cost less to operate on a monthly basis in overhead and employee expenses. You may be able to generate more revenue by partnering with existing bars and restaurants.

Try Out New Ideas

Having a pop up bar can allow a business to experiment with new ideas in a less expensive way. You can experiment with your menu and make changes as you go. It also allows you to try out various entertainment options and branded products. You can receive instant feedback from customers for market research.

A pop up container bar can be a creative and effective way to operate a business. If you need help find the best shipping containers for your pop up bar, International Port Management Enterprise can help. Call today to receive a quote.