customized shipping containers

6 Smart Tips for Picking the Right Customized Shipping Containers

Business executives are finding new and exciting ways to utilize modified shipping containers to grow their business operations. You can convert your unit to a pop-up container bar, modular field office, shipping container cafe, marketing booth shipping crate, among many other uses. With statistics showing that there are over 11 million unused shipping containers across the globe with a virtually endless supply, the possibilities are limitless.

Investing in customized shipping containers may require you to conduct your due diligence to ensure that you pick out units that fit your business needs. Here are seven key factors to take into consideration when picking out a modified shipping container.

1. Intended Use

You may need to figure out how you will utilize your customized shipping container. Assessing the purpose of the unit can help you accurately decide on the space requirements. Most shipping containers are 8 ft wide and 9.5 ft tall. Depending on your specific application, you can either opt for a 20 ft or 40 ft long container. Space may affect the appliances and fixtures you can add to customize the unit.

2. Condition of the Modified Shipping Container

You may need to effectively determine the quality and condition of the customized shipping containers for sale. You can organize a physical inspection of the container you wish to purchase. Check for any aesthetic or structural blemishes that may affect the modification of the unit. Check for any corrosion and rust along the edges.

Check the doors for any damage and with a proper lock and seal. You do not want to end up making too many fixes and repairs that would turn out to be costly in the long run.

3. Insulation and Ventilation

As you customize your unit, you may need to figure out the most effective insulation and ventilation appliances and materials. You may need to check out your state’s guidelines on ventilation requirements.

4. Security

You may need to figure out the security features for your customized shipping containers. With the freight box hosting your marketing products or restaurant equipment, you may need to ensure that the door latches and window installations can withstand a degree of brute force. You can request your shipping container modifications company to install a high-tech, customized locking system to better protect your investment.

5. Electrical Wiring

You may also need to figure out lighting and wiring within the customized shipping containers. You may need to factor in your internal framing and flooring to determine if the container can hold your electrical components. Customized LED bulbs can help create ambient lighting for your pop-up containers.

6. Customized Fixtures

Repurposed shipping containers can be designed to fit your intended use. You may need to figure out the appliances and custom fixtures that you wish to add to your modular unit. The architectural plan drawn should accommodate all appliances that you require for the unit to effectively serve its purpose.

Customized shipping containers are exciting ways to improve your brand marketing for your business. To purchase and fabricate your shipping container to meet your needs, reach out to International Port Management Enterprise. Our experts can create custom designs for temporary or permanent container structures for your business.