The Many Uses for Pop Up Containers

In today’s world, we’re much more eco-conscious and eco-friendly than we were in times past. Not only do we know and monitor the environmental impact of what we’ve done today and hope to achieve tomorrow, but we have detailed records of how environmental impacts of the past are still affecting today’s world. In order to combat our previously wayward history, we’ve enacted recycling campaigns and started to re-use materials that were once thought of as common trash. One of the most interesting of these materials is steel shipping containers.

How Are Steel Shipping Containers Being Used?

If you think that steel shipping containers are still worthless, think again. Not only do people build homes, bars, and entertainment venues out of them, but entire leisure complexes are constructed from steel shipping containers that have been modified. They are called pop up containers. In fact, Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas spans approximately 19,000 square feet with a mix of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes forming its perimeter. This is only one of the many industrious uses for shipping containers, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Let’s go over the many uses for pop up containers that you might not be aware of.

Alternative and Modern Homes

If someone were to tell you that they’ve ordered a modified shipping container to live in, you’d be forgiven for giving them a confused look in the past. But now, thanks to creative architects, low-cost building supplies, and the knowledge of how to modify small spaces, pop up containers are taking veritable strides towards being contenders in the tiny house or alternative housing movement that is sweeping the world. Not only are these modified shipping containers vastly more affordable than conventional housing, but they can be customized and modified at will to fit any budget and lifestyle for people to truly live their best life in.

“Wow” Employees, Clients, Or Family With One At Your Next Event

When you’re lucky enough to be putting on events that draw many people and have a celebratory theme, one can not underestimate the novelty factor that having pop up containers perform different functions can bring. Imagine your guest’s surprise and adulation when they see a shipping crate restaurant in full force serving amazing entrees or appetizers.

From bars to food lines, they are truly versatile with their culinary delights. People are plenty impressed with gourmet food and may even expect it, but to find such an amazing and novel presentation will keep that date lodged in their memory for quite a while. Many corporate chains, such as Starbucks and Taco Bell, have found that presenting their food in pop up containers works wonders for advertising and marketing, so surely it will be a hit for you, too!

Use Them As Examples Of Different Models Of Living

Perhaps one of the greatest roles that utilizing customized shipping containers can yield is that of increased environmental awareness. Whether you are at a backyard BBQ or hosting a corporate event for thousands of people, utilizing recycled and modified pop up containers sends a message to many people that not everything is trash or meant to be thrown away. While you may think that this is a small message that people will quickly forget, you are neglecting to think about the young people that may see these demonstrations. They could be influenced for life about how their world can be manipulated and modified for the better.

By utilizing and showcasing pop up containers as a thing of beauty and pride, you may help inspire and nurture the architecture of the future for a greater tomorrow. Be proud of helping to build the future of environmentally sound building projects!