trade show shipping containers

A Guide on Why You Should Invest in a Shipping Container for Your Trade Shows

Trade show shipping containers are an excellent way to draw attention to your brand at a trade show. They’re big and conspicuous – so they stand out. Plus, if well designed, they can stir curiosity and pique people’s interest.

Trade show shipping containers are also incredibly versatile. Depending on your needs, they can be customized to your specifications. Modified shipping containers can be used as showrooms, studios, and restaurants. The possibilities are endless! Subway is one company that has used a shopping crate restaurant to great effect.

Customized shipping containers can also save you precious time because they’re easy to set up. Often, they come pre-assembled, thus saving you the tedious task of assembling them from scratch.

And to top it all, trade show shipping containers are very durable and secure. On average, they can last 25-years with minimal maintenance. Plus, because they’re made of tough steel, they’re highly secure. Overall, they’re an excellent investment. But should you invest in one? Here are a couple of reasons why you should.

1. You’re Attending Many Events

Your event marketing calendar may include many events. If this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing booth shipping containers. The initial cost of getting one may be relatively costly, but in the long haul, it will save you the high costs you’ll incur when you need to pay for temporary booths at trade shows.

2. Allows for Consistent Marketing

When you purchase a shipping container, you’ll get the opportunity to customize it to your needs. You can customize it to include your brand logo, colors, products, and services. Renting out a container temporarily may not allow you to do this. If you want your marketing efforts to remain consistent, you may want to consider purchasing a modified shipping container.

3. Helps Reinforce Your Message

Your shipping container should communicate effectively. A well-designed shipping container can emphasize your message and ensure it isn’t immediately forgotten. To reap this benefit, you may want to consider investing in a shipping container.

Are Shipping Containers Available in Various Sizes?

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and custom dimensions too. Whether you need a fairly small one or a large one, you’re certain to find one suitable for your needs. Common sizes include:

  • 10-foot
  • 20-foot
  • 40-foot

Trade show shipping containers are an excellent way to showcase your products and services at trade shows. However, before you splurge on one, you’ll need to talk to trade show event managers to find out if they’re allowed. Some events don’t permit the use of shipping containers as booth displays.

Time to Get Trade Show Shipping Containers

Additionally, consult the trade show event manager to inquire about how much space is provided. Some trade shows may provide you with unlimited room for your display. On the other hand, others may only provide you with limited space. Inquiring about the space provided will help you select a container size suitable for your needs and avoid the pitfall of buying a container that’s too large or too small.