How a Shipping Crate Restaurant Could Be Your Next Business Idea

Entrepreneurs of the world come in all different shapes and sizes. What unites great ideas and interesting concepts together is that most people have not wanted to take the chance to implement them until the entrepreneur comes along and shakes things up. From restaurants to shoe companies, ideas around the modern business are always changing and getting more competitive. Having an edge to engage people and choose your products over others can really make a difference.

Did you know that 11 million unused shipping containers around the world could potentially be used for a variety of purposes? One of the concepts that are incredibly hot right now is that of a shipping crate restaurant. While we don’t actually mean getting in a shipping crate on a boat and eating there, we do mean using the containers is a fun and whimsical way to provide food concepts to the public. When you see how wonderfully they work, you’ll want to jump on too! Let’s delve into this unique concept.

Have Your Restaurant Go Green

If you’re a particularly environmentally-conscious individual who owns a restaurant, you may have been wondering about steps that you can take to “go green.” From using compostable silverware to recycling your materials, there is only so much you can do on a personal basis before you run out of ideas. But if you want to expand your business in a “green” way, you should highly consider using customized shipping containers to create an extension to your restaurant or new concept entirely. Customers will love the uniqueness of the experience, and you can say with a smile on your face that it’s just a creative way to reduce, reuse and recycle what really matters on this Earth. Go green and be in the green with shipping crate restaurants.

Small Amount of Land With Big Value

One of the many ways people are utilizing shipping crate restaurants is by taking small parcels of land and curating them into a restaurant experience. Unlike food trucks, which need to have designated parking areas and stay mobile, or traditional restaurants that take up lots of space, shipping crate restaurants can be located on small parcels of land that have outdoor seating. Patrons far and wide seem to love the chic concept of picnic tables and going up to order at the shipping crate, especially if it’s painted with whimsical colors and full of friendly staff. By being able to do a large business on a small amount of investment, you’ll also have the potential to get amazing returns.

Curate a Pop-Up Experience

If you already have a restaurant, but sales are lagging behind what you want, make no mistake that you can curate a wonderful pop-up experience by getting a shipping crate restaurant involved in your business. Once you figure out where to put it, you can create an amazing, temporary “pop-up experience” at a festival, outside your normal place of business, somewhere hidden in your city, or elsewhere.

This novel concept allows your food to be showcased in a different atmosphere while also letting potential new customers know that your restaurant thinks outside (or perhaps inside) the box. Lots of people enjoy things that are here today and gone tomorrow, giving them an air of fleeting value, so a pop-up experience can work quite well for a period of time.

Ship Your Best Ideas to the Public

When it comes to shipping crate restaurants, there’s really nothing cooler out there at the moment. From being able to modify these sturdy, steel boxes into something artistic and wonderful to simply using them as part of a pop-up experience, you will be able to “wow” new and old customers alike by getting creative with modified shipping containers and their many uses.

Don’t worry about having to do all of the work yourself. Not only do companies such as IPME provide shipping containers to the public, but they know exactly who to call and help you out with modifying them to your exact needs. With all that info, what are you waiting for? Contact IPME today and see how YOU can create the shipping crate restaurant of your dreams!