modified shipping containers

3 Ways to Use Containers to Maximize Your Experiential Marketing

Whether you just opened a new company or initiated a new brand strategy, you’ll always want to put your name in the minds of your customers. What’s the best way to do that?

Modified Shipping Containers.

International Port Management Enterprise, a leading shipping container and modular equipment retailer and fabricator, creates custom shipping containers for any marketing event you could dream of. The company customizes, engineers and fabricates structures such as malls, restaurants, offices spaces and, most importantly, mobile marketing event structures.

So what can IPME do for you?

You can use a modified shipping container as a structure to accommodate whatever use you have, and IPME will implement the modifications you need to reach success. You might not have known you need to look into modified shipping containers, but a shipping container store like IPME can take 5-12 weeks off of your timeline when opening your store.

Consider your wants and goals of your marketing event, and use those to determine how you want your modified shipping container to aid you and your company.

1. Design

You want the structures at your event to catch your guests’ eyes and bring them to speak to you. IPME can implement shipping container modifications that reflect your business’s style and attitude. Do you want to use bright paint? How tall do you want your booth to stand? Tell IPME what you need, and they will provide.

2. Event Space

When planning a marketing event, the space you rent will affect what type of modified shipping containers you will need. If you have rented a smaller space, you will want smaller structures that utilize the space in an intelligent way. If your event will only happen one time, you may need a structure that you can easily take down at the end of the night. If you will hold your event at multiple spaces at different times, you will need structures that you can easily transport to the next event. IPME knows you are a unique customer, and they will treat you like it.

3. Amenities

You might want to spice up your event by giving out more than just informational packets and pens with your company logo displayed. IPME can build you a shipping container cafe to keep your event guests nice and caffeinated. On the other hand, IPME can give you a customized kitchen in your shipping container so your guests can sample your tasty provisions. These types of structures are guaranteed to make your company a name to remember.

Regardless of what you need for your marketing event, IPME can offer you one thing that everyone needs: customization. You have spent the time creating a product and reputation that you’re proud of. Let IPME display that with pride.