modified shipping container

How A Shipping Container Can Help You Stay on Trend

The world is moving fast, and there is no time to settle down. People are constantly looking for the new and exciting, the limited and exclusive. People want products you can’t find anywhere else, and you get bonus points if you can only find them for a limited amount of time. And there is no better way to combine all of these aspects into one business than by opening a pop-up shop. But it can’t just be any pop-up shop, it has to be one that in and of itself will meet even more trends and draw everybody in. Started by Starbucks in 2011 in Washington, modified shipping containers are a great option for the creation of a store, especially a pop up one. Using a modified shipping container for your pop up shop is sure to be a hit for these four reasons:

You are being resourceful

In this day and age, we are lucky that most people want to do as much as they can to mitigate waste and be resourceful. By using booth shipping containers you are doing just that. Only 6 million of the 17 million storage containers around the world are actually in use, and by creating a store from a modified shipping container you are using resources that would otherwise be wasted.

You will have the perfect look

The industrial vibe is all the rage right now, and people love the unfinished rustic vibe and a customized shipping container will provide just this. It is a unique space that will draw attention and give your shop a creative look that people are sure to remember.

Pop-Up Containers are easily portable

These are perfect for a pop-up shop because they are portable, or even something you can just rent for a short time. This lends itself to the whole idea of people loving things that are limited or exclusive, you can open up shop for just a few days, offer up an exclusive product, and then move on to a new location with no problem at all.

You can design the space yourself

Thinking about all of these things, it also matters that customized shipping containers are just that, customizable for whatever you need. You can create a space that best fits your shop and draws the most customers in.